10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships

There are SO many college scholarship websites on the internet. Which ones can you trust?

10 Great Sites for Finding College ScholarshipsThis post contains affiliate links and I may be compensated a tiny bit if you make a purchase after clicking on the links. Thank you for helping fund the Savor Summer College Scholarship!

College is increasingly so expensive that parents and their students are desperate to find ways to help pay for it. I helped my son win over $100,000 in college [easyazon_link keywords=”scholarships” locale=”US” tag=”howtowincolsc-20″]scholarships[/easyazon_link] and want to help you too.

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Are you having trouble finding college scholarships? There are many wonderful websites available for parents and their students who are trying to compile a scholarship list.

Here are 10 sites that I regularly recommend to people looking to sign-up to be matched with college scholarships. Before signing-up, I highly suggest doing the following:

1. Set up a new, smart email to be used only for scholarship and college correspondence. For example, firstname.lastname@gmail.com

2. Fill out student profiles 100%, leaving no blank spaces or unchecked boxes.

3. List all [easyazon_link keywords=”145730774X” locale=”US” tag=”howtowincolsc-20″]possible majors[/easyazon_link] for more scholarship matches. If a student is unsure of what they would like to major in, they need to check the boxes for everything that interests them.

4.  Update information yearly or as it changes, as different scholarships are offered for different levels of students.  Also, more matches may occur as students join clubs, volunteer, learn new skills, and take part in different activities.

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Compiling a list of scholarships for students to apply for is one step in getting closer to winning them, but what really matters is HOW the application is submitted and what can be done to set it apart from the thousands of other applications.  Click here to learn what scholarship judges like and read about how I helped my son win over $100,000 in scholarships and graduate from college 100% debt-free. It’s true!

Need help finding college scholarships?

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10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships

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