10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships

Finding college scholarships is a frustration that many parents and their students face when looking to win money for school. There are SO many scholarship sites on the internet. Which ones can you trust and which ones are the best scholarship websites?

10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships from the ScholarshipMom

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Are you having trouble finding scholarships? There are many wonderful websites available for parents and their students who are trying to compile a scholarship list.

Below are what I consider to be the best scholarship websites. Many of these are scholarship matching sites, meaning they will email students when a scholarship is found for them to consider applying for.

Before signing up, however, I highly suggest doing the following:

1. Set up a new, smart email to be used only for scholarship and college correspondence. For example, firstname.lastname@gmail.com. If the preferred email is already taken, simply add a number or other symbol, such as firstname-lastname@gmail.com or firstname.lastname7@gmail.com.

2. Fill out student profiles 100%, leaving no blank spaces or unchecked boxes.

3. List all possible majors for more scholarship matches. If a student is unsure of what they would like to major in, they need to check the boxes for everything that interests them.

4.  Update information yearly or as it changes, as different scholarships are offered for different levels of students.  Also, more matches may occur as students join clubs, volunteer, learn new skills, and take part in different activities.

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Here are the best scholarship websites:

SallieMae Scholarship Search

Update: Check out the Superb New College Scholarship Search Tool from TUN!

I also highly recommend this site as a wonderful source of finding scholarships for college.

Compiling a list of scholarships for students to apply for is one step in getting closer to winning them, but what really matters is HOW the application is submitted and what can be done to set it apart from the thousands of other applications.

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Need help finding college scholarships?

I would love to share my winning strategies with you!


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10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships - SAVE and PIN!
How to Win College Scholarships - Guides for Parents and Students
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