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10 Summer College Scholarship Prep Tips for Students

These easy scholarship prep tips will make a HUGE difference for the smart students who follow them!

10 Summer College Scholarship Prep Tips for Students

For students, summer vacation is all about fun, sun, and warm beaches. (Not to mention sleeping, sleeping, and more sleeping)

For their parents, however, summer vacation means college tuition bills and student loans are looming.

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There are a number of actions parents and their scholarship-searching students can take to get a jump-start in the scholarship process during the summer, while at the same time enjoying beautiful beaches with their friends.


Here are several suggestions for parents and their students to prep for scholarships and help students become stronger scholarship applicants.

Organize – Parents and students can begin to find and organize award certificates, community service details (hours worked, contact information, leadership skills used), and any other pertinent piece of information that may be needed for college scholarship applications.

Work – Having a part-time job is a great experience and shows scholarship providers that the student is doing all he or she can to help save for college.

Volunteer – Helping others is a great way to explore career options, meet mentors, and rack up invaluable community service hours that scholarship providers look for in their applicants. Go through this list of student volunteer ideas and make sure what is chosen matches your student’s interests, future major, or strengths.

Make Lists – Students will need lists of letter of recommendation writers, lists of their strengths and leadership skills, and lists of people who can help them in the college and scholarship application process.

Start Searching – Checking out a few of the big scholarship-listing books like this one from the local library is a great way to see what is out there for college scholarships.

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Take a Class – Many community colleges offer summer classes that students can take for credit or just for fun. Either way, taking a class in the summer shows dedication to education and may help narrow down career choices.

Write – Scholarship essays are how judges get to know students on a deeper level. Students can find scholarships with early deadlines and practice writing the required essays.

Create a Scholarship Resume – The scholarship resume should include community service details, part-time job experience, ACT/SAT scores, high school GPA, club involvement, leadership positions, and honors/awards won. An example and complete directions on creating the scholarship resume are found in my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks.

Which of these scholarship prep tips is your student planning on taking?

Remember and Record – Any meaningful experiences that a student has had just might be the makings of a great scholarship essay, especially those having to do with overcoming difficult circumstances. Students should take a little time to jot down thoughts and feelings from these experiences, and by the end of the summer will have a nice list to use when it comes time to write their essays.

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Sign-up Online – There are tons of great online scholarship search websites that will deliver scholarship details right to a student’s email address. I suggest creating an email account (firstname.lastname@gmail, or something similar) used exclusively for these websites and also for any correspondence that will take place during the college scholarship process. Checking this email address will become vital, and both parents and students should have access to the account.

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These summer preparation tips are a great way to get students ready for the college scholarship process, no matter what level in school the student will be in the fall.

Have a wonderful, sun-filled college scholarship prep summer!


10 Summer Scholarship Prep Tips for Students - Get ahead of the competition!

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