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2019 Savor Summer College Scholarship Winner

The 2019 Savor Summer College Scholarship winner has been chosen! Did you apply? Could it be you? Keep reading…

The 2019 Savor Summer College Scholarship winner has been chosen!

There were a record number of applicants for the 2019 Savor Summer College Scholarship this year and it was extremely hard to pick a winner. 

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So, I didn’t.


I didn’t pick ONE winner, I picked TWO

I would like to congratulate the 2019 Savor Summer College Scholarship Winners:

Cristan Gutierrez $500

Addison Stone (Runner-up) $100

Congratulations to both of you and be sure to check your home mailboxes in the next few days for your official letters and follow-up instructions.

If you don’t see your name here, take heart and don’t give up!

Read through what the winners did right and what other applicants did that contributed to their not being selected.

This is what each winner of the 2019 Savor Summer College Scholarship did RIGHT:

  • How to Win College Scholarships - YOU are a winner!Each essay began with a HOOK. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to stop! (Learn how to write a scholarship essay beginning with a hook, here.)
  • Both winners sent their materials in a way that everything arrived neat and orderly.
  • I felt like I really got to know these students from their activity resumes, personal touches, and excellent essays.
  • I was impressed as soon as I pulled their materials out of the properly sized envelopes and didn’t have to struggle with crumpled paperwork and hard to read information.

Here are my observations from reading the scholarship essays and application materials from students who were not selected:

  • Envelopes came with postage-due
  • There was an overwhelming amount of applications with missing materials
  • Many scholarship applications were not signed by the parent (if under 18) or student (18 and older)
  • Handwritten applications and essays
  • Essays that were written in one long paragraph, making them difficult to read
  • Crumpled application materials stuffed into small envelopes
  • Activity/scholarship resumes of 7+ pages
  • Letters of recommendation written to “College Admissions Committee…”
  • Essays that were written in the form of a letter (“Dear…”)
  • Blank spaces in the application and also some came with NO application at all
  • Essay word count of under 100 words – The essay is the heart of the scholarship application!

Students, please know that most of these mistakes did not automatically disqualify applicants, but they did significantly lower the overall impression that was made as I read through materials and essays.

Please keep applying for scholarships and don’t give up!

If you are finding yourself on the losing end of all of your hard work, please read this post: 

10 Epic Tips Straight from a College Scholarship Judge

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Thank you to everyone who applied for my scholarship. Feel free to email me with any scholarship questions that you may have and find me on Facebook here. 

I am here for you! Monica Matthews

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And this student:

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