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It’s finally here, the 2022 Savor Summer Scholarship winning announcement!

Did you or your student apply?

2022 Savor Summer Scholarship Winner

Every year it is a struggle for me to narrow down the hundreds of applicants for the Savor Summer Scholarship, and this year was no different.

There were many possible winners and after much thought, I decided to pick THREE applicants instead of one.

The 2022 Savor Summer Scholarship winners are…

Drumroll, please…

Brandon Snyder

Adele Bosma

Adalynn Williamson

Congratulations to all three of you and be sure to check your home mailboxes in the next few days for your official letters and follow-up instructions!

Here is what impressed me about the applications of these wonderful young adults.

All of the winners:

  • Wrote memorable and engaging essays that started with a hook (What is this? Look here.)
  • Packaged their application and required materials in an organized and beautiful way
  • Did not have any missing materials or information
  • Submitted applications that were signed by the student and parent (if under 18). This matters!
  • Typed their applications and as a result, were a pleasure to read
  • Included letters of recommendation that were extremely detailed and personal

College Scholarship Winner

Did you or your student apply for the 2022 Saver Summer Scholarship and did not win this year?

Don’t lose hope!

Learn from what the winners did RIGHT and what those who were not chosen did WRONG.

College Scholarship Mistakes to Avoid

Here are a few ways NOT to submit a scholarship application:

  • Do not stuff all of the required materials into a small envelope
  • Do not write an essay of 100 words when you have 500 words to let the judges get to know you on a deeper level (Please read:  How to Write An Amazing Scholarship Essay)
  • Don’t submit an application after the deadline
  • Always type into scholarship applications and never hand write them
  • Do not start an essay with, “My name is…” That is wasting valuable word space and the judges already know your name from the application
  • Always use paragraph breaks in the essay. Reading 500 words in one long giant paragraph is difficult to follow and hard on the eyes
  • Don’t spit back the essay prompt in the first sentence. “For my summer vacation, I will…” That’s boring and many students begin that way. Be different!

Thank you to each and every one of you who applied! Monica Matthews

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