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3 Top Scholarship Tips

There really is a MUCH better way to find and apply for scholarships!

Top 3 Scholarship Tips for College

In my quest to help parents and their students win scholarships, I hear this over and over, “I applied for a TON of scholarships and didn’t win any. Most are just data-mining scams.”

Statements like this seriously hurt my ears.


Because the students who say this have not bothered to research HOW to win scholarships. They have no idea that there is a better way to apply, and it makes me sad.

You, however, are different.

You have landed on this post hoping to learn winning strategies to help you or your student become a successful scholarship recipient.

You want to avoid student debt as much as possible.

I’ve been there, and I am so glad that you are here!

Here are my top 3 scholarship tips that will get you started in researching how to impress the judging committees and help your student win more money for college.

1. Start the scholarship process as early as possible

This is what I call Scholarship Prep and is an amazing way to propel younger students into a more favorable position when the time comes for them to apply for the majority of their scholarships.

Here are three examples:

  • Volunteer as a family

There are tons of scholarships open to students who value community service.

  • Teach students that asking for help is SMART and not a sign of weakness

Head off problems in school early, before they affect grades.

  • Get organized

Create a safe place for report cards, community service hours and contacts, award certificates, etc.

Learn 15 more Scholarship Prep actions in the How to Win College Scholarships ebooks and calculate your student’s chances of getting into any college with this free tool.

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2. Ignore scholarship assumptions and myths

There are so many incorrect assumptions out there when it comes to who wins scholarships.

MYTH:  Only smart kids win scholarships

TRUTHMany scholarship applications do not even ask for a student’s G.P.A. or ACT/SAT score(s).

MYTH:  Most scholarships are open to minorities only

TRUTHThere are thousands of scholarships available for all students. The key is learning how to find them without losing your mind. (Trust me on this one!)

MYTH:  We need to be broke to qualify to apply for scholarships

TRUTHWe are a middle-income family, and all three of my boys won enough scholarships that my husband and I did not have to take out any parent loans to pay for their college education. Absolutely file the FAFSA yearly, but don’t count on the government awarding your students free money. Learn how to find it yourself from scholarships and by learning how to choose the best college that offers the most merit aid to your students.

All of my winning scholarship strategies are found right here >>

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MYTH:  All scholarships require an essay

TRUTHScholarships for a student’s talents are easily found if you know how to search correctly. A few examples are photography, video creation, sports experiences, etc.

MYTH:  Scholarship work is extremely time-consuming

TRUTHThere are three scholarship essay prompts that are seen over and over in scholarship applications. Once students have written compelling essays for each of these prompts, the essays can be used for multiple scholarship applications, saving a TON of time. Find the three most popular essay prompts in my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks HERE.

3. Partner with your student – When they win, you win with less tuition to pay and loans to take out

Students need guidance, and the more parental involvement, the more scholarships they will be able to apply for and the better their chances of winning.

Parents can play a key part in the scholarship process right from the start by helping their teens become organized, finding scholarships they qualify to apply for, reminding them of deadlines, and much more.

Moms and dads, don’t be afraid to become involved and learn along with your students the best ways to create scholarship application packets that stand out from the rest and impress the judges.

Take their hands and become partners in the college scholarship process right from the start! Together, you will learn what it means to apply SMART.

Be sure to readCollege Scholarship Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Student debt is a massive burden for our students. Use the SMART applying strategies found in my ebooks, How to Win College Scholarships, and I will be with you every step of the way. Monica Matthews

What are parents saying?

This mom says it best:

“My son is at a college here in our state and his freshmen year we pulled in $18,000 in scholarships. I paid like $978.00 for his freshmen year. The information is priceless. Thank you so much.” G.G., North Carolina



3 Top Scholarship Tips - Apply SMART

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