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4 Simple Steps to Impress College Scholarship Judges

Want to impress college scholarship judges? Keep reading…

This tip clearly shows students how to impress college scholarship judges!

Learning how to impress college scholarship judges before applying is just plain SMART

Use this handy infographic as a chart for ensuring each scholarship application that is submitted has the best chance of being chosen as the winner. 

My daughter has won over $32,000 in scholarships so far! When she gets tired of applying, I remind her that she has made over $200 an hour so far and that gets her excited again.

She is my second daughter to use the ideas in your scholarship guide ebpok with success.” Proud Dad

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4 Simple Steps to Impress College Scholarship Judges

Directly from a scholarship judge,

“Completeness, neatness, paying attention to the details, and well written essays are very important.” JR Miller, College Scholarship Judge


Thank you, Mr. Miller!

A big part of my success in helping all three of my boys win so many scholarships is that I took the time to learn how students can impress scholarship judges!

Exactly HOW did I help my sons win scholarships?

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Use my winning strategies, then use this source to find a TON of scholarships:

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