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5 Easily Forgotten College Dorm Essentials

College dorm packing lists abound on the internet, and yet there are five items rarely seen on such lists that make move-in day and dorm living easier for today’s students. After moving my three boys to their dorms, I know how important these items are!

5 Easily Forgotten College Dorm Essentials

Scissors for college dorm room1. Scissors – Instead of packing a sharp knife or box cutter, a good pair of scissors can be used for opening boxes, removing tags, and a ton of other uses that arise on move-in day and beyond.

2. Envelopes and stamps – Students think packing these is a hint from mom to write home, but having a few envelopes and stamps will come in handy for the times when something needs to be mailed immediately.

[I know you have a fan on your college dorm packing list, but do you have a WOOZOO fan???]

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3. Handwritten letter from parents – This can be tucked under the student’s pillow discreetly on college dorm move-in day. New college students may act tough as mom gets emotional when saying goodbye, but inside they are sad and finding the letter later in the day can warm even the toughest teenage heart.

Packing for college dorm living - Great list here!

4. Plastic shelving unit – Floor space is at a premium in most college dorm rooms, so inexpensive shelving like this is a great space saver that can be used for clothing, books, snacks, and of course, framed pictures from home. This type of shelving also can be assembled and taken down easily and will not take up much room in vehicles that are packed to the brim for move-in and move-out days.Petsies - Make a pillow of your pet!

5. Under the bed bins – Another space-saving idea, bins that slide under the bed can be an easy and convenient place to store extra school supplies, special treats, textbooks, and clothes for different seasons in every college dorm.

These are great and hardly take up any space when not being used!

Have you moved a student into a college dorm room

What are your essential items? Share them in the comments section below and let’s do this together!

Experienced college parent tip: Have a “Box 1“. This box comes out of the car first and is your command center for the day. It has cleaning wipes, goo gone, magic eraser, all of your command strips, tape measure, toolkit, scissors, knife, scotch tape, mounting tabs, level (if you’re THAT kind of person), sharpie, and all of the power strips. Having this box was a lifesaver. Also, don’t forget a cooler of waters on ice. Bandanas to wipe sweat if it’s hot would come in handy, too. We had brought a backup change of clothes, in case we were a mess before the parent meeting. – Cara P.
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Have you seen this amazing laundry bag? It comes with detailed washing instructions!

5 Easily Forgotten College Dorm Essentials

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College Dorm Essentials


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