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5 Ways to Make Money Without Investing for Foreign College Students

College students are usually struggling financially and students from other countries have an even harder time paying for school. Here are some ideas to help them make money while in college.

Finding Money to Pay for College

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College is expensive. Not only is going to the physical school expensive, but everything that comes with going to school is; rent, food, textbooks, transportation, going out, etc., etc. With college getting more and more expensive, the price of everything that goes with it naturally also goes up.

Many college students get part-time jobs to help fund their four years or more of college, go home and work for the summer, or just borrow money from their parents. However, if you are a foreign student, you do not have the luxury of just driving back home for the summer to work for a couple of months to save up money for the school year.

Nevertheless, don’t be alarmed, there are still ways to make money other than keeping your eye on the stock market, and playing around with risky investment opportunities you see on the internet.

To help you out while studying abroad, here are five ways to make some extra coin while still studying, getting good grades, and attempting to stay sane throughout the semester. 

  1. Full-Time Student, Part Time Worker

College is ridiculously stressful, and jam-packed with homework and class assignments… from the hours of 8-5 on weekdays. Because most universities have Jobs for College Studentsclasses during these hours, there is an incredible amount of downtime in the afternoons and on the weekends. During this time you can either go out and hang with friends, or get yourself a part-time job to help fund your studies, living expenses, and walking around money. A part-time job can be anything from working at the university, where they are usually looking for students, or working off campus at a restaurant, sit down or take out.

Since you are from a foreign country, your application will rise quickly to the top because you’re probably bilingual, or know another language other than your own very well, and are more well-rounded than the other local kids trying to get the same job. 

2. Tutor

Kids in college usually need help in every subject they ever take. If you have a specific set of skills or immense knowledge in a specific language, advertise yourself as being a tutor. Go put up papers on the library bulletin board, and the buildings where you take your classes in. College Students Can Tutor to Make MoneySince you are a foreign student, you probably already speak another language, and that can help you get clientele because people at that school are probably struggling in that foreign language class they haven’t paid attention in for a couple of weeks, and a test is coming up.

You can charge a pretty penny to help students learn a subject because they believe that if they get a bad grade their life is over. Also, helping out people makes you feel altruistic, right? (as long as you make money while you’re doing it.)

College students can and should make money while going to school!

3. Apply for scholarships and grants

It’s a misconception that scholarships and grants from the school have to go to tuition. This is not necessarily true, some scholarships that you can receive can be used for anything, or can be saved. Scholarships for College StudentsWhen applying for scholarships, if you are applying just looking to make some extra money, make sure you read the fine print where it says that this does not have to be used for tuition or textbooks. Secondly, this is free money because for college students that you do not have to pay to apply, or even do anything crazy to be applicable; you usually just have to write an essay on why you deserve the money from the scholarship

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4. Surveys, Trials, Studies

How College Students Can Make MoneyThere is never an absence of papers plastered around the university asking for test subjects for a trial or study that the medical school or communication school is putting on. This is a great way for college students to make a couple of bucks and even get a free meal out of it. When putting on a study, the study usually calls for a very large test bank, which is why they are advertised to the students. Although they only usually offer $20 and a pizza, there are enough on campus that if one were to capitalize on all the opportunities, a good chuck of change could be made. Paid survey opportunities online are an easy way to start.

5. Get Online

In today’s day and age, the internet has made so many people rich: whether it be YouTube, through a blog website, or even through Instagram. College Students Need MoneyThe internet is a great way to make money because you can access it virtually anywhere; at home, in the library, or at the Starbucks on campus. Being a foreign student, you don’t have that liberty of being able to go home and work, so an online venture to make cash is a perfect choice because you can work on it whenever you want, wherever you want. 

Wrap it up: There are many opportunities for foreign students to make money while at college that does not include investing. So get out there, tackle these options to make money, and have fun! Just keep those grades up. 

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