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Scholarship Application Rejection – OUCH!!!

What if you knew exactly what to do to avoid it?


Hi, Scholarship Searchers!

If you have spent time on my site or have read my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks, you will know that I absolutely LOVE to pick the brains of scholarship judges and find out what they LIKE and DISLIKE about how students submit applications for their awards.

When scholarship judges receive hundreds (and possibly thousands) of applications, there are definite ways to IMPRESS the judges. Unfortunately, there are just as many ways to DISAPPOINT them and cause scholarship rejection.

Learning how to impress the judges before submitting any scholarship applications is just plain SMART.

What scholarship judges look for in their winners is a huge part of my ebooks, How to Win College Scholarships:  Guides for Parents and Students in 10 Easy Steps. Do you have them? Click HERE now for more information.

This is an actual quote from a scholarship judge who chose my son as his company’s winner:

“I have never seen a scholarship application packet quite like your son’s. It was amazing!

Students, listen up and follow this strategic advice straight from a scholarship judge, and thank you to Shawn Newton for granting me permission to share his suggestions:

  • Tell us YOUR story. Tell us a little about yourself, what motivates you, and why you want to go to college. Maybe something happened when you were a little younger, somebody told you something, you saw something or did something…
  • Try to avoid telling us any religious, race, or gender info so that our volunteers reading the essays can avoid grading bias.
  • Don’t tell us how expensive college is. That just feels like filler.
  • Don’t tell us how many years you plan to go to school, or about the school you’re planning on attending. I’m not going to Big City State University and don’t need to learn about it. That’s more filler.
  • Don’t give us textbook definitions of what a scientist, a lawyer, a doctor (or whatever) is. That’s just filler.
  • If you want to thank us for considering your application, keep it to a sentence. We don’t need a paragraph about this – that’s more filler. If you want to write a nice thank-you note on the side, and include it with your application, we do appreciate those.
  • GET SOMEBODY TO PROOFREAD YOUR ESSAY! If it’s hard to read for you, it’ll be hard to read for us. There’s no shame in asking for help. I’m not so concerned about typos or bad grammar, but more with structure and clarity of message. If you ramble and go back and forth, or things are out of order, you won’t score as well.

These tips are GOLDEN!!!

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7 Ways to Impress Scholarship Judges and Avoid Scholarship Application Rejection

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