Watch This Video To Learn How To Win College Scholarships!

I Helped My Son Win Over $100,000 In College Scholarship Money… And I Can Show You EXACTLY How We Did It!

Watch This Video To Learn How To Win College Scholarships!

I Helped My Son Win Over $100,000 In College Scholarship Money… And I Can Show You EXACTLY How We Did It!

Do you (or your student) have big college dreams but are struggling to find the money to help make those dreams come true??

Are you looking for direction on how to win scholarships?

You’ve come to the right place!

Are you dazed and confused by the college scholarship process? I was too. Learn the method that I developed to help my son win scholarships and avoid student debt.

When I was searching for guidance on how to help my son win scholarships, I did not find what I was looking for. I needed help and wanted to learn how to win a scholarship! I took matters into my own hands and researched successful scholarship winners, and discovered what scholarship judges look for in their chosen winners. As a result, I developed a method like no other found anywhere on the internet or in scholarship help books.

After my son had such outstanding success using my methods, I was persuaded by family and friends to publish and copyright them to help other parents and students. If you are serious about winning scholarships for college or helping your student find scholarship success, you NEED to read these scholarship guide ebooks. (Digital Downloads) With the help of my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks, you or your student CAN win college scholarships!

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The How to Win College Scholarships ebooks (digital downloads) will tell you exactly what you need to do to get started NOW on winning as much FREE money for college as possible.

When my son was a high school senior, he was busy with social, academic, and sports obligations, but he knew he needed to win scholarships to pay for his college education. He needed scholarship help!

How to Win College Scholarships will help you by teaching you a method of putting together your scholarship application packets in a way that looks, feels, and IS different from those submitted by your peers. 

Your college scholarship applications will stand out and get noticed by the judges, and THAT is the way to win scholarships.

That’s exactly where I was when my son was a senior in high school.

I wondered how my husband and I would be able to afford his college tuition. We had been unable to put money away for his college education and still had two children at home to raise.

The good news?

After extensive research on how to win college scholarships, we paid NOTHING for his college tuition.

He won a TON of college scholarships and graduated from a top-notch university with ZERO DEBT.

That’s right, no student loans, no tuition bill; EVERYTHING was paid for because of his scholarship winnings.

How did this happen?

I developed a method of applying for college scholarships that is nothing like the normal method of filling out applications and mailing them in or submitting them online. This method teaches parents and students how to create a scholarship application packet that immediately stands out from those of their peers.

One judge actually said to me:


I have never seen a scholarship application packet quite like your son’s. It was amazing!

What I have done is put together two different scholarship guide ebooks, one for parents and one for students.

In each ebook, you are walked through the process of finding and applying for scholarships using the methods I developed to help my son win so many scholarships. It is the guidance that YOU need to learn how to win college scholarships!

The parent version shows exactly what parents can do to help their students prepare their scholarship applications in a way that will set them apart and get them noticed.

The student version shows students what they need to do to create scholarship application packets that will impress any scholarship judge.

Both guides are organized into 10 clear and easy-to-follow sections, with step-by-step instructions on perfecting scholarship applications, along with tips on what college scholarship selection committees look for and how to win scholarships.

Work together with your students and get both ebooks to save $27!! (Digital downloads)

Learn amazing ways to:

  • Apply S.M.A.R.T.
  • Get organized and find scholarships fast
  • Get great letters of recommendation
  • Write a memorable (and winning!) essay
  • Put together an application package that looks, feels, and IS different from all the rest
  • Get the most financial aid possible
  • And much more scholarship help!

Does it really work??

“In my son’s senior year of High School, I was desperately wading through the scholarship minefield. Finally, I stumbled across Monica Matthews and How to Win College Scholarships. She was so different from all the others; an actual parent with “real world solutions”. For once, I found a person who was really trying to advise on how to earn available scholarship monies, rather than trying to capitalize on my despair. Monica is the “real deal”. Her guidance and tips were realistic and immeasurable. I was amazed at how she is/was willing to relinquish valuable information and assist any parent who was in my same position. I found her advice to be like manna from heaven. My son did not own a GPA that was off the charts, but he possessed many other qualities so I had to find scholarships that were a realistic fit for him. My son was successful in securing more than $40K in scholarship monies for his Freshman year! Now we are seeking to find monies for his future college years and Monica is there to provide even more helpful hints. My son won 15 scholarships—a combination of National and Local. Some large, some smaller. To us all the various amounts add up!! Thank you!”

Dawn Ekblaw

“How to Win College Scholarships” is fantastic and has been an incredibly valuable resource for me and my kids. I have one student in college and two college-bound and I can’t say enough about how much it has helped my family. My oldest daughter won several scholarships and reduced the cost of her college education significantly. Start right now, even if your students are younger. You won’t regret it!

Elizabeth Garcia

The parent version helps create a partnership between each parent and student as they finish high school and get ready for college. My unique methods found in the student version also work for current college students, adult students going back to school, and students who have taken a “gap year” after high school. 

Both ebooks reveal strategies for applying for scholarships that will give students the edge over all the other applicants!

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100% Money Back Guarantee!
I am confident that my scholarship guide ebooks will help you in your quest to win scholarship money, but if you do NOT feel that it has helped you in any way, I will refund you 100% of your purchase price.   Click here to read my Privacy Policy

Save Yourself Time And Money

This is extensive and detailed scholarship winning research summed up for you in 10 easy to follow steps.

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