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A Blog Post from My College Scholarship Loving Heart

I made a very important decision about my college scholarship guides the other day.

How to Win College Scholarships with Monica Matthews

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Hello, wonderful scholarship blog readers! 

Yesterday I sent out an email to my site members, contacts, and email subscribers. Today I’d like to share the content of that email with you. If you received the email yesterday, I apologize for the duplicate content and thank you for signing up to receive my emails and scholarship newsletters.

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I made a very important decision about my college scholarship guides the other day.

I thought long and hard about WHY I spend so much time trying to help parents and students in the college scholarship process. Do I do it for the money? Nope. Do I do it for fame and glory? *Insert hysterical laughter here* Nope. I do it because I KNOW my unique scholarship strategies work and I absolutely LOVE hearing from parents and students who have won scholarships as a result of using the steps outlined in my guides. It’s that simple.

So, as a result of my deep thinking, I have decided to drastically slash the prices of my scholarship guide ebooks. Will I keep these prices forever? I’m not sure.

Most of the money that I do make from my sales goes to fund my own scholarship and to keep my website updated.

Should you order your copy before I realize that I’m crazy to ignore the other experts in the college industry that have told me that I don’t charge nearly enough for my guides? Probably, but that’s up to you.

I’m just a mom who figured out how to help her son win enough college scholarship money to attend the college of his dreams and graduate 100% debt-free.

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Monica Matthews:  How to Win College Scholarships

A Blog Post from My College Scholarship Loving Heart from Monica Matthews at https://how2winscholarships.com

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