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Apply for College Scholarships with HOT July Deadlines

Students can apply for college scholarships in the summer and get a head-start on the competition!

Apply for College Scholarships with HOT July Deadlines

College is increasingly so expensive that parents and their students are desperate to find ways to help pay for it. I helped my son win over $100,000 in college scholarships and want to help you too. How did I do it? Read my story here.

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Note: This post was updated in June 2019

Many students incorrectly assume that once school is out for the summer, they don’t need to apply for college scholarships. I’m all for fun in the sun and lazy summer days too, but with college debt rising at an alarming rate, I also know the importance of applying for scholarships ALL YEAR ROUND.

Here are 10 college scholarships that students can apply for with deadlines in the beautiful month of July. 

1. The Savor Summer College Scholarship ~ $500 ~ Deadline:  July 1

Write a 500 word (or less) essay answering, “How are you planning on using your summer vacation?”

2. Bookoo Scholarship ~ $1000 ~ Deadline:  July 1

Answer three very short (150 words or less) questions.HOT July Scholarships for College!

3. The Solar Action Alliance Scholarship ~ $1000 ~ Deadline: July 1

Students need to answer the essay question in 500-1000 words, “What excited you most about the future of solar?”

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4. Goedeker’s Appliances Scholarship ~ $500 ~ Deadline:  July 7

Write an essay (300 words minimum) on why attending college and your field of study are important to you.

My Mozaic $1000 College Scholarship - NO Essay, NO GPA, NO Letters of Recommendation5. Family Travel Forum Teen Travel Writing Scholarship ~ $1000 $500 $250 ~ Deadline:  July 12

Teens share a creative and original travel story including one picture.

6. Creative Safety Supply Scholarship ~ $1000 ~ Deadline:  July 15

Students need to answer two essay questions.

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7. CouponChief College Scholarship ~ $1000 ~ Deadline:  July 30

Students create a 2-minute video on saving money in college.

8. Design Thinking Scholarship ~ $1000 ~ Deadline:  July 30

Requires an essay of 500 to 1500 words describing how students anticipate design thinking or digital design tools will impact them and their career choice.

9. Cappex Easy Money Scholarship ~ $1000 ~ Deadline:  July 31

Monthly scholarship drawing, NO essay.

10. Cantor Injury Lawyers College Scholarship ~ $1000 ~ Deadline:  July 31

Students pledge to NOT text and drive and to NOT drink and drive. Easy-peasy application!

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