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Avoiding College Scholarship Mistakes #CampusChat 7-1

College scholarship mistakes are so easy to fix. Please come to this #CampusChat!

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Have you or your student sent off a college scholarship application just to learn after the deadline that the winner was someone ELSE? Well, of course, you have.

It would be virtually impossible to win every single scholarship that is applied for, but there are ways to increase the chances of winning that every serious applicant will benefit from learning.

Join me and other experts in the college industry as we discuss and share what NOT to do on college scholarship applications.  Here are the details of attending the chat:

  • What:   #CampusChat Twitter Chat
  • When:   Wednesday, July 1 (Did you miss the chat? No worries! The transcript is below.)
  • Time:    9:00 – 10:00pm, EST
  • Topic:   How to Avoid College Scholarship Mistakes

Q1  What mistakes do students make before even beginning to apply for college scholarships? #CampusChat

A1  Assuming they will not win because of income level or grades. Never assume, read the guidelines! #CampusChat

A1  Not filing the FAFSA. This qualifies students for grants and scholarships! Even high-income earners need to file. #CampusChat

FAFSA = Free Application for Federal Student Aid

A1  Waiting to apply until spring of senior year. There are scholarship deadlines all year long! #CampusChat

Q2  Is there a right and wrong way to search for college scholarships? #CampusChat

A2  One big scholarship searching mistake is JUST searching online. Use all available resources to find them. #CampusChat

A2  Scholarships can be found locally, online and in scholarship listing books (like this one). Search everywhere! #CampusChat

A2  Don’t JUST rely on the list from high school guidance counselors. This list is to get you started. #CampusChat

Q3  What basic application mistakes do students commonly make? #CampusChat

A3  Not carefully reading and heeding the scholarship application instructions. #CampusChat

A3  Applying for scholarships they “almost” qualify for, big mistake!  #CampusChat

A3  Applying for scholarships in the wrong field. Engineering majors shouldn’t apply for nursing scholarships. #CampusChat

Q4  Most scholarships require extra materials. What mistakes can be made here? #CampusChat

A4  Not sending in ALL required materials or arranging them in the correct order, if requested. #CampusChat

A4  Ignoring guidelines such as sending in 2 letters of recommendation when only one is required. #CampusChat

A4  Sending in ripped, dirty, or unmarked materials. Names should be on EVERY piece submitted. #CampusChat

Q5  Scholarships requiring essays are very popular, what are the biggest essay writing mistakes? #CampusChat

A5  The essay is the heart of the scholarship app. The biggest mistake is skipping scholarships with an essay & relying on scholarship drawings. #CampusChat

A5  Starting an essay with something common or boring like, “I need this scholarship money because…”

A5  Students need to start their essays with a hook and draw the reader in. Essay hook details here https://how2winscholarships.com/college-scholarship-tip-friday-start-with-a-hook/  #CampusChat

A5  Ignoring word limit.  It’s there for a reason and going over will more than likely disqualify the student. #CampusChat

A5  Not proofreading and finding spelling and grammar errors, also not fully answering the question that was asked. #CampusChat

Q6   Scholarships often need letters of recommendation. What are mistakes to avoid with the letters? #CampusChat

A6  Not giving the writer a scholarship resume (info here) to learn more about the student’s achievements/experience #CampusChat

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A6  Letter of recommendation should be addressed to the company or organization offering the scholarship money #CampusChat

A6  Waiting until the last minute before asking for the letter of rec. Give writers lots of time to write a quality letter. #CampusChat

Q7  What mistakes can be made when filling out the scholarship application? #CampusChat

A7  Students need to make sure they do not skip any boxes or ignore lines where info is needed #CampusChat

A7  Filling out scholarship applications by hand. Don’t do this! Find a way to neatly type info and print it out before mailing. #CampusChat

A7  Ignoring the “Other info you’d like us to know” box, if included. Use this to share something not found on the app or essay. #CampusChat

Q8  What mistakes do parents make that will hurt their student’s scholarship chances? #CampusChat

A8  The biggest mistake parents make is writing an essay for the student. Savvy scholarship judges will know! #CampusChat

A8  Parents should not write letters of recommendation for students, unless specifically allowed. #CampusChat

A8  Parents should guide, help, and assist in the scholarship process, not do all the work for the student. #CampusChat

Q9  What are some scholarship submitting mistakes that will disqualify a student’s scholarship application? #CampusChat

A9  Submitting a scholarship after the due date is a major mistake, don’t bother to apply if the date has passed. #CampusChat

A9  Mailing in a scholarship app VERY close to the due date. Mail it early and be sure it will get there in time. #CampusChat

A9  Not affixing proper postage. Judges do not look favorably on students when the company has to pay postage due. #CampusChat

A9 For online scholarship submissions, a common mistake is waiting until the last day to submit and finding the website overloaded. #CampusChat

Q10  What are your 3 best tips for avoiding college scholarship mistakes? #CampusChat

A10  Print out the guidelines & read them over several times, check off materials as they are gathered & included. #CampusChat

A10  Never assume a student will not qualify for scholarships. High income? Apply for ones without financial need requirements. #CampusChat

A10  Search EVERYWHERE for scholarships (not just the net!) and have friends/family help you. More eyes find more scholarships! #CampusChat

Everyone is welcome for College Scholarship Night on #CampusChat, so please join us!


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