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How to Find the Best Private Student Loans for College

After scholarships and grants, use these resources to find the lowest rates for your family.

Important Information About the Best Student Loan Rates for College

After your student receives their financial aid package from each college and your family has a good idea of what is needed to fill the gap after scholarships, grants, federal loans, and work-study, you may find yourself wondering how to find the best private student loans.

First, be sure your student has left no scholarship stone unturned, and you are partnering with them in the scholarship process. No matter what month it is, there are scholarships with open deadlines. Make sure your student is applying SMART with the strategies taught in the How to Win College Scholarships ebooks for parents and their students.

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Graduating from college debt-free should always be the goal, but many families find themselves needing a combination of scholarships and student loans to fully fund their student’s college education.

After using college savings plans and other money that has been earmarked for college, do your research to get the best private student loan rate for your family.

Federal loans that are “awarded” to students in college financial aid packages will usually have the lowest interest rates and do not need a parent co-signer. The FAFSA must be filed for students to qualify for federal student loans.

If more funds are needed in addition to federal loans, you may need to borrow from a private student loan company. Be aware that in most cases, parents will have to co-sign for private student loan approval.

Here are the resources we recommend to find the best private student loans for your family’s financial situation:

JUNO – This company helps thousands of people nationwide save on their student loans. The resource has changed the lives of so many who struggle with the rising costs of higher education. Learn more about how Juno works to negotiate the lowest student loan rates for your family HERE.

How Juno Works - Get the lowest student loan rates

Need more money for school? Let Juno negotiate the lowest rates for your financial situation with no commitment right HERE.

SMART Option Student Loan – Competitive variable and fixed interest rates, no origination fee or prepayment penalty, multiple repayment options. Learn more about this lender HERE.

Get the green you need for school - Fund college responsibly with a smart student loan

Check out the SMART Option Student Loan HERE.

FREE Student Loan Comparison Tool – Compare Student Loan Options to get the best rate for you and your family’s finances with NO commitment. Find this free tool HERE.

Compare Lenders for Student Loans

Use this FREE Student Loan Comparison Tool HERE.

A college degree is a huge and important investment. Your student worked extremely hard to get accepted into college, so don’t make the mistake of borrowing from the wrong lender.

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Priceless!!! Monica’s tips helped our family substantially. My oldest daughter will graduate this spring without a single penny paid out of our pockets or hers. She even has over $26K in excess funding. My youngest daughter has earned enough to cover her bachelor’s and has earned over an additional $11K which she will put towards her master’s degree. The majority of scholarships my daughters earned were not sizable. Most came in $500 and $1000 awards. The smaller scholarships really add up. Your students need a hand full of solid essays to recycle, and you should partner with them to apply relentlessly to every scholarship they qualify for. Thank you, Monica Matthews, for sharing your wisdom and guidance.”  P.S., Texas


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How to Find the Best Private Student Loans for College

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