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#CampusChat 12-2 Simple Successful Scholarship Strategies

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College Scholarship Strategies and Winning Tips

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A big problem in the scholarship process is when students overthink and assume it is much harder to win scholarships than it actually is. Seth Bykofsky aka “The College Whisperer” is my guest on the #CampusChat Twitter chat this week and will share simple successful college scholarship strategies for students and parents to ease their minds and get them motivated and excited about finding and applying for scholarships.

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  • What:   #CampusChat Twitter Chat
  • When:   Wednesday, December 2 (Did you miss the chat? No worries! The Transcript is below.)
  • Time:    9:00 – 10:00pm, EST
  • Topic:   Simple Successful Scholarship Strategies
  • Guest:  Seth Bykofsky @GetCollege
  • Host:  Monica Matthews @AidScholarship

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Q1.  You like to keep the scholarship process simple, what exactly do you mean by this? #CampusChat

A1.  Knowing where to look for scholarships seems simple, but can be daunting and frustrating.  #CampusChat

A1. The objective is to narrow the field, focus in on scholarships for which you qualify and are attainable. #CampusChat

A1.  Once you know where to look and which scholarships to go after, the rest is relatively simple – APPLY! #CampusChat

A1. “Simple” doesn’t mean fast, effortless, or without work. It’s a process through which students maximize their opportunities. #CampusChat

Q2.  What are some easy ways students can find college scholarships?  #CampusChat

A2. Think local. Those cabinets in the Guidance office are full of scholarship opportunities. #CampusChat

A2. In the community – banks, stores, service organizations, employers. There are scholarships hidden in plain sight. #CampusChat

A2. Check out scholarships offered by the colleges themselves. Most are listed on the college websites. #CampusChat

A2. Don’t forget those scholarship search engines. Fastweb. Niche. Chegg. They can literally be a wealth of opportunity. #CampusChat

A2. And always submit FAFSA. Federal grants. Work-Study. Many colleges use FAFSA as their applications for scholarships. #CampusChat

Q3.  What are some simple scholarship applying strategies?  #CampusChat

A3. Apply for the smaller awards ($500, $250) as well as the big. More of them. Easier to apply for. Greater chance of winning. #CampusChat

A3. Most college scholarships are contests and sweeps. Neither merit nor need involved. APPLY. You have to be in ‘em to win ‘em! #CampusChat

A3.  Don’t be afraid of essays. You’ve already written how many? Most can be tweaked to fit the scholarship prompt. #CampusChat

A3. Dedicate time to search and apply for scholarships. The search is simple, but time consuming and requiring ongoing effort. #CampusChat

A3. Stick with it! The return is rarely immediate. Your laptop is not a slot machine. Persistence pays off! #CampusChat

A3. Keep on applying for scholarships while in college. After all, there’s a tuition bill on the horizon! #CampusChat

Q4.  What should students focus on in the scholarship essay? #CampusChat

A4. Focus on unique talents and skills in your scholarship essays. Create a scholarship Resume. #CampusChat

A4. Whatever you do in your essay, be responsive to the prompt. #CampusChat

A4. Brevity is the soul of wit – and the makings of a good essay. Be succinct. Be to the point. Be yourself. #CampusChat

Q5.  How can students use their talents to find & win scholarships? #CampusChat

A5. There are scholarships for almost everything, even everyday activities and common attributes. Seek and ye shall find! #CampusChat

A5. Left-handed? Transgendered? Star Trek fan? Expert Duck Caller? Duck Tape Master? There are scholarships out there for you! #CampusChat

A5. The most valuable “talent” is perseverance. So easy to quit when you don’t see immediate results. Stay with it. Apply! #CampusChat

Q6.  What are 3 simple strategies for capturing the attention of the scholarship judges? #CampusChat

A6. Be concise. You need to have them at “hello.” #CampusChat

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A6. Be sincere. Judges can smell fake intent a mile away. #CampusChat

A6. Be genuine. Let your personality and character shine through. #CampusChat

Q7.  What online scholarship search sites do you recommend to students? #CampusChat

A7. Start at Fastweb.com, and use this as a base. You’ll be taken to other sites. Come back to Fastweb. #CampusChat

A7. Scholarships.com, Niche.college.com, Chegg.com Stick with what works for you. Keep it simple. #CampusChat

A7. Even College Board’s scholarship search at https://bigfuture.collegeboard.org/pay-for-college/grants-scholarships is helpful. #CampusChat

Q8.  What do you think a parent’s role should be in the scholarship process? #CampusChat

A8. Parents should encourage students to “search and apply,” without harping, hounding, or helicoptering. #CampusChat

A8. Parents can look and apply for scholarships, too. Filling out a form. Hitting “submit.” It becomes a vocation for some. #CampusChat

A8. Incentivize students. “We can afford college ‘B.’ If you want to go to college ‘A,’ you need to get scholarship money!” #CampusChat

Q9.  How does keeping the scholarship process simple benefit students? #CampusChat

A9. I live by KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) through all facets of the college admissions process. It’s not rocket science. #CampusChat

A9. Most people will avoid the difficult and tedious like the plague. Simple, one-step-at-a-time, keeps students in the game. #CampusChat

A9. Eye on the prize! It doesn’t get any simpler than that. #CampusChat

Q10.  What are your 3 overall top simple successful scholarship strategies? #CampusChat

A10. Seek out the scholarships that you qualify for, from every possible source.

A10. Apply. Apply. Apply.

A10. Did I mention, APPLY? It’s not as if Ed McMahon is going to knock on your door with a check for $10 million in hand! #CampusChat

A10. I know. I know. “Who’s Ed McMahon?” #CampusChat

A10. No one can guarantee scholarship money. I can guarantee that if you don’t apply, you won’t get much money for college. #CampusChat

A10. It really is that simple! #CampusChat

Great info!  You can find Seth @GetCollege at www.TheCollegeWhisperer.com  #CampusChat

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#CampusChat Simple Successful Scholarship Strategies 12-2-15

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