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#CampusChat – College Scholarships:  Do THIS, Not THAT!

#CampusChat - College Scholarships - Do THIS, Not THAT

Learn SMART tips that will help students win more college scholarships!

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Students can fill out a college scholarship application, submit it, and then hope for the best OR they can submit the best possible application using tips from actual college scholarship judges.

What would YOU do?

Join us for the #CampusChat Twitter chat on Wednesday, August 3rd, and find out what to do and what not to do when submitting scholarship applications.

Here are the details about the chat:

  • What:          #CampusChat Twitter Chat
  • When:         Wednesday, August 3 (Did you miss the chat? No worries, the script is below)
  • Time:          1:00-2:00pm, EST
  • Topic:         College Scholarships – Do THIS, Not THAT!
  • Host:           Monica Matthews @AidScholarship
  • Sponsor:    Smart College Visit

Q1  When should parents & their students start the college scholarship process? #CampusChat

A1  DO THIS:  Start early! There are college scholarships for students from elementary to grad school #CampusChat

A1  DO THIS:  Start where you are right NOW. There is no scholarship season or wrong time to apply. #CampusChat

A1 NOT THAT:  Never assume a student is too young or old to win college scholarships #CampusChat

Q2  How can parents and their students find scholarships? The process seems overwhelming! #CampusChat

A2  DO THIS:   Pick 3 scholarship matching websites & sign-up. I recommend these: 10 Great Sites for Finding College Scholarships #CampusChat

A2  DO THIS:  Download a scholarship app like Scholly and check it daily #CampusChat @MyScholly

A2  DO THIS:  Get a list of local scholarships from all area high school websites & your counselor #CampusChat

A2  NOT THAT:  Don’t rely on only ONE resource for finding scholarships. Tap into them all! #CampusChat

Q3  How do parents and students decide which scholarship to apply for? #CampusChat

A3  DO THIS:  Apply for the scholarships in which the student meets ALL the qualifications #CampusChat

A3  DO THIS:  Use the student’s strengths, interests &financial status to create a working scholarship list #CampusChat

A3  NOT THAT:  Don’t apply for scholarships that the student meets *most* of the requirements. #CampusChat

Q4  How can students submit more impressive college scholarship applications? #CampusChat

A4  DO THIS:  Fill out every line, check every box, leave NO blank spaces #CampusChat

A4  DO THIS:  Check & double-check to make sure no info is left out #CampusChat

A4  DO THIS:  Have at least 2 pairs of trusted eyes proofread all apps before submitting #CampusChat

A4  NOT THAT:   Spill coffee on the app? Print it again & start over.  Submit CLEAN apps. #CampusChat

A4  NOT THAT:  Never handwrite a scholarship app. Find a way to type into the form #CampusChat

Q5  Should students submit a scholarship (activity) resume with their applications? #CampusChat

A5  DO THIS:  YES! Keep it to ONE nice clean precise page #CampusChat

A5  DO THIS:  Choose your info that aligns closest  with each specific scholarship #CampusChat

A5   NOT THAT:  Don’t use a small font to squeeze in more info, avoid confusing abbreviations/text type #CampusChat

Q6   How can students write college scholarship essays that will stand out? #CampusChat

A6  DO THIS:  Know the background/mission of the organization offering the award & use this knowledge #CampusChat

A6  DO THIS:  Use the tips found here – Know the Why and Use It  #CampusChat

A6  DO THIS:  Start with a hook!  Grab the reader’s attention from the very first sentence #CampusChat

A6  DO THIS:  Always proofread for spelling, punctuation & grammar. Have trusted adults double-check #CampusChat

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A6  NOT THAT:  Never go over word count limits & submit a super short essay just because you can #CampusChat

A6  Find lots of smart scholarship essay tips here:  How to Write an Amazing College Scholarship Essay #CampusChat

Q7  How can the required letter of recommendation help win college scholarships? #CampusChat

A7  DO THIS:  Give the writer a scholarship resume to help him/her write a more personal letter #CampusChat

A7  DO THIS:  Ask the writer to address the letter to the organization offering the scholarship $$ #CampusChat

A7  DO THIS:   Ask the right person! Healthcare-related scholarship? Ask at the hospital where you volunteer #CampusChat

A7  NOT THAT:  I’ve seen letters addressed to “Dear College Admissions Officer”, for a scholarship app! NO! #CampusChat

A7  NOT THAT:  Don’t send 2 or more letters if only ONE is requested. Don’t ignore simple guidelines #CampusChat

Q8  Can social media hurt college scholarship chances? #CampusChat

A8  DO THIS:  Yes! Always tweet/ and post using SMART strategies. Read this – TWEET SMART #CampusChat

A8  DO THIS:  Think before you tweet, judges have admitted to checking social media habits of students #CampusChat

A8  NOT THAT:  Don’t tweet/post about how much you hate scholarship work. I’ve seen this over & over! #CampusChat

Q9  What are some major scholarship mistakes that cause instant rejection by judges? #CampusChat

A9  DO THIS:  Use a checklist to make sure ALL materials have been mailed/submitted #CampusChat

A9  DO THIS:  Follow ALL guidelines to a “T”, submit apps as early as possible #CampusChat

A9  NOT THAT:   Never submit a late scholarship application, just don’t bother! #CampusChat

Q10  What are your best college scholarship DO THIS, NOT THAT tips? #CampusChat

A10  DO THIS:  ONLY apply for scholarships that you truly qualify for, don’t waste your time if you don’t #CampusChat

A10  DO THIS:  Treat each application as a masterpiece to be proud of, let your hard work shine through #CampusChat

A10  DO THIS:  Share exactly WHY you need the scholarship money, don’t hold back! #CampusChat

A10  NOT THAT:  Don’t ever assume that you won’t win scholarships.  Keep applying until college graduation! #CampusChat

If you have any questions about scholarships or how to participate in a Twitter chat, feel free to email me at info@how2winscholarships.com.


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