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The Cell Phones for Survivors College Scholarship is a little different than the usual college scholarship. 

Different and MUCH easier!  How?

  • NO Essay
  • NO Minimum G.P.A.
  • NO Long Application
  • NO Letters of Recommendation
  • NO Transcripts

This college scholarship requires students to do ONE basic thing:  Collect old cell phones from friends, relatives, fellow employees, and anyone else they can get to donate to the cause. 

What is the cause?

The cause is domestic violence.  From the website:

One in every four women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. A lack of alternative housing often leads women to stay in or return to violent relationships. Providing safe housing gives women in violent relationships the option to leave.

Most materials in cell phones can be recycled and resold for a profit by our friends at SecondWave Recycling. Those funds can help domestic violence programs, like Safe Horizon, operate. Collect phones in your community to support families fleeing abuse.

Each cellphone that a student collects gives them one chance to win the $10,000 college scholarship.  There is NO limit to the amount of cell phones that students can collect and send (postage-free) to the Cellphones for Survivors College Scholarship drive.

Winning Tips:  Even though the basic premise of this scholarship is simply collecting and sending cell phones, there are FOUR basic rules that must be followed in order for each submission to count.  Become familiar with the “Know it, Plan it, Do it, Prove it” steps on the scholarship website.   Read carefully through the list of FAQ.  Use social media, flyers, word of mouth (tell EVERYONE you know and ask them to tell EVERYONE that they know), and connections such as work, school, clubs, church, etc… to get the word out that you are serious about doing your part to help stop domestic violence and win $10,000 for school.  Set up some colorful boxes with flyers on them explaining the reason for the cell phone collection and ask your local cell phone stores if you can leave them in the stores for a week or so.  Hit up everyone who gets a new cell phone for Christmas and ask if they would like donate their old one to your cause. 

Read all the details and find out where to ship the phones here:



Cell Phones for Survivors College Scholarship


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$10,000 scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA