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The Game Changing Cirkled in Scholarship and Student Portfolio Platform

The Cirkled in Scholarship and Studio Portfolio Platform will astound you! Keep reading…

Cirkled in Scholarship and Student Portfolio Platform

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Reetu Gupta. Reetu is the founder and CEO of Cirkled in™, a student portfolio platform that will transform how you or your student showcases their achievements to college admissions officers and scholarship judges.

Reetu is a mom just like me who saw a need for her own children and decided to do something about it.

The result? An award-winning platform for students of all ages!

Because I am all about scholarships here, let’s first take a look at the $2500 scholarship that Cirkled in offers to students.

Here are the important details for the Cirkled in Scholarship:

  • $2500 CASH scholarship
  • Money can be used for any educational need (books, computers, housing, even a car!)
  • NO essay requirement 
  • NO financial need requirement
  • NO letters of recommendation required
  • Students create a FREE Cirkled in account to apply
  • Deadline:  Monthly

Winning Tips:  This scholarship is based on a few important factors. Extremely important is the completeness of the student’s portfolio. As part of the applying process, students need to create a Cirkled in account. Just creating the account is not going to impress the scholarship judges, however. Taking the time to “Build Your Story” by compiling all achievements is imperative. Uploading videos, photos, certificates, and other tangible ways to showcase who you are is the heart of the Cirkled in platform.

Don’t just create an account, write three sentences, submit them, and then just click away!

Go here to apply for the Cirkled in scholarship:


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What is the Cirkled in scholarship and what is the student portfolio platform really all about?

You just read about the Cirkled in scholarship, now let me tell you why I am so excited about the Cirkled in student portfolio platform and the HUGE advantages students who utilize it will have.

For several years now, I have advised students to create a personal website to showcase their achievements, such as community service, awards/honors won, scholarship resume, job skills, and anything else that would impress scholarship judges. For online-only scholarship applications, students could simply add the link to their website at the end of their essay or on one line as they are filling out the form.

I will never forget the words a mom who utilized the tips in my college scholarship guide ebook that contacted me to share that her daughter was a finalist in a full-ride scholarship competition with one other student. She was convinced that it was her daughter’s personal website that they created at my prompting that convinced the judges to choose her daughter as the winner!

That being said, times have changed and many parents and students are not comfortable finding a free online website builder to create a personal website. I totally understand this, as I created one for my middle son and am in the process of helping my youngest son create his.

Unfortunately, what was easy for me several years ago has become more difficult and frustrating as the free website creator we were using has changed and I don’t find it as user-friendly as it used to be.

Then I heard about the Cirkled in platform and FREE online portfolio creating site. GAME-CHANGER!

What is Cirkled in?

Cirkled in is an award-winning, secure, easy-to-use and FREE platform for students to tell their whole story with a professional portfolio and increase their chances of getting accepted by colleges, scholarships, summer jobs and internships. 40% of admissions officers currently research students’ personal social media profiles and much of the time, it acts as a negative influence. Using our platform, students can take control of their image by filling in as little or as much information as they want. Students can maintain their portfolio over time and not lose or forget their accomplishments.

Cirkled in is designed to showcase students’ academic career in the best possible way for admission officers. Cirkled in is built with multiple layers of security to protect students’ information. We empower students to showcase themselves and get discovered. We help every student SHINE.

Cirkled in is EXACTLY what I have been trying to get students to create on their own, but now it is available as a FREE user-friendly platform that is set-up with college-bound and current college students in mind.

Cirkled in Scholarship and Student Portfolio PlatformIt is a way for parents and their students to document achievements that may occur years before a college or scholarship application may be submitted, or even thought about!

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Why start so early?

Well, who can remember all the little, yet personal and crucial, details that could become the heart of a scholarship or admissions essay? It is so easy to think that we will remember all the impressive things that our students have done, but let’s be realistic here, can you remember what you had for dinner last night?  😉 My point exactly!

I highly encourage all parents and students to visit the Cirkled in site and sign-up for a FREE account. Take the time NOW to complete each part of the platform and keep adding to it.

This is a safe, user-friendly site that helps students get discovered by scholarship judges, college admissions officers, potential employers and MORE.

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Find the Cirkled in website here: 


What are your thoughts about this student platform? Will you or your student sign-up and create a student portfolio? Why or why not? Leave your comment below and let’s talk!

Cirkled in Scholarship and Student Portfolio Platform

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