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College Prep: Ease the Stress and Enjoy the Show

Learn how to ease the stress of the college prep process with these valuable tips!

College Prep - Ease the Stress and Enjoy the Show with these Valuable Tips!

This is a stressful time of year for college-bound students and their families.

Many have questions about how to prioritize the college prep process and ask:

  • Where should my focus be? 
  • What should I spend the most time on? 
  • What can parents do to help?

College Prep and Parenting Expert, Wendy David-Gaines, has created a slideshow for college-bound students and their parents that helps keep them on track and ease much of the stress that is felt this time of year. Students, grab your parents and some popcorn and sit down to enjoy the show:


Stress is a common baseline for parents and their college-bound students. Anxiety about the admissions and financial aid processes, worry over test and other college prep activities, and concern for being able to make the right fit college and financial aid decisions cause many days of friction and countless sleepless nights.

Prioritizing the following five skills for mothers, fathers, and children now brings it all into perspective and sets the family up for future success.

Families can relax and enjoy the slideshow together. Use the images as inspiration. Get more information about what to expect during the college process. Please share your views in the comments section about the five priorities to boost college prep.

This article was originally published as a slideshow, but the hosting website no longer exists. Please enjoy Wendy’s information in the form of a page-long resource instead.

Launch a resume. Plan for the future by analyzing past academic and extracurricular activities. Choose classes and experiences to further interests.

Learn to say no. Time exerts relentless pressure so managing it and differentiating between want to and have to activities is key. But don’t forget to include a daily dose of stress-busting fun for balance.

Establish order. Disorganization can mean missed deadlines and lost opportunities. Arrange a workspace and follow a calendar to keep on track.

Keep a good reputation. Both in-person and social media communication need to be mastered for teamwork and leadership skills to develop. Be careful not to tarnish either.

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Ask for help. Mentors, tutors, and other experts can assist when extra help is needed. Knowing who and when to ask to solve an issue is empowering.

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Be prepared. College requires physical, emotional, and fiscal stamina. Hone the skills necessary to meet these challenges and be ready for the ride.

Love learning. Looking forward to higher education means appreciating the life-long importance of gaining further knowledge and those people and vehicles that can provide it.

College Prep: Ease the Stress and Enjoy the Slideshow!

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