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College Scholarship Essay Tip: Save Smart!

[2022 Edition]

Use this college scholarship essay tip to apply for MORE awards and increase your chances of winning money for school.

College Scholarship Tip - Save Smart and Win More Money for School

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Reusing essays is a smart way to save time and apply for more college scholarships. Each essay should be photocopied (along with the entire scholarship application) and saved to a specific computer file before mailing or submitting online.

Save smart when searching for a specific essay to reuse by including the essay topic, word count, and name of the scholarship provider in the title or subject line when storing electronically on a computer

For example, a 500-word essay on leadership offered by Burger King (find it here) should be saved as, “Leadership-500-Burger-King”.

If a new scholarship application calls for an essay on leadership, but the word count requirement is 550 words, the 500-word essay can easily be found and expanded upon until it becomes a 550-word essay.

This “new” essay is now saved as “Leadership-550-<name of scholarship>”

A big part of winning scholarships is being organized and applying for as many awards as possible. 

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Learning how to save SMART is one more tool to use in the quest to win scholarship money for college.

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College Scholarship Essay Tip: Save Smart! More scholarship tips from Monica Matthews at https://how2winscholarships.com

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College Scholarship Essay Tip - Save SMART to Save TIME

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