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College Scholarship Mom Tip: Research Scholarships by Reading the Newspaper

Where to find scholarships for college

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Newspapers can be a helpful way to research scholarships.

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How can the newspaper help teens research scholarships?

As local high school seniors have recently graduated, area newspapers are currently reporting the names of scholarship winners and which scholarships they won.

Students who will be seniors in the fall (or next fall) can research scholarships and learn about many local offerings by making a list of all the scholarship awards reported.

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Each scholarship can be researched and due dates noted well ahead of time. Reading the newspaper is just one more creative way to add to the list of scholarships. As your list grows, be sure to stay organized and keep track of these opportunities so one doesn’t slip by.

Don’t get the local paper?

Read it online or enlist the help of friends and relatives who are subscribers. Get the word out and find even more scholarships this way!

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Research scholarships and find more with this unique tip

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