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College Scholarship Tip: Always Tweet Smart!

Emotions often run high on social media sites like Twitter. Students, use this college scholarship tip to tweet SMART!

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Twitter is like an open book and many students seem to forget or not realize that scholarship judges and college admissions officers are using it to find out more about applicants. (2024 UPDATE: Now Twitter is known as “X.”)

I recently read this tweet by a student that actually said,

“I changed ethnicities for better college scholarships.” 

This was part of a conversation between him and a peer. Was it a joke? I have no way of knowing, but what if he had applied for a minority scholarship and a judge was checking out his tweets to learn more about him? That scholarship opportunity would suddenly be GONE.

Here is another one:

“Finally got my registration email for (specifics hidden) scholarship. Fingers f***ing crossed I get selected.”

NO, NO, NO. Just NO. One more:

“i really hate scholarships but i gotta do em”


On the flip side, tweeting smart and using social media to impress anyone who is reading is a valuable tool in the quest to win college scholarships, and students who realize this are one step closer to being chosen as winners. 

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Here is a positive tweet about scholarships that I just found, and sadly, it took me a LONG time to scroll through the negative ones to find it:

“Writing essays for scholarships because I’m dedicated to my education”

YES! Use this smart college scholarship tip to impress the judges!

As more and more scholarship judges and college admissions officers are using social media to peek into the lives of their applicants, students need to be diligent about keeping their online presence clean, positive, and impressive. 

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Remember, what is shared online stays online!

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College Scholarship Tip - Always Tweet Smart!

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