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College Scholarship Tip: Directions, Directions, Directions!

This college scholarship tip is SO easy, yet so many students fail to follow it. Keep reading…

This college scholarship tip is so important, yet so many student ignore it.

College is increasingly so expensive that parents and their students are desperate to find ways to help pay for it. I helped my son win over $100,000 in college scholarships and want to help you too. How did I do it? Read my story here.

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Helping ease the burden of student debt, one college scholarship at a time. ~Monica Matthews~

Following basic directions while applying for college scholarships seems so easy that it makes one wonder why any student would make the mistake of ignoring the rules designed to help them win money for school. Unfortunately, many students have the following mindsets when applying for college scholarships:

My G.P.A. is almost enough to qualify for this scholarship, so I might as well apply.

They said one letter of recommendation, but if I send two, my chances will be better to win.

My essay is amazing and only 10 words over the limit.  It’s close enough and maybe the judges won’t even notice.

College Parenting Expert, Wendy David-Gaines, author of this amazing book, agrees and gives on-point advice in helping students avoid these scholarship mistakes in her latest article on this very subject. Wendy shares,

There is a lot of competition for college scholarships so it’s important for students putting in the effort to apply, take their best chance to win. Unfortunately, the most advantageous advice is easily overlooked because it is so obvious. Worse, not following this tip is the reason many lose out. Mastering this pointer will give the college-bound an edge. The best way to succeed where applications are involved is to read then follow the directions.

As a scholarship judge myself, I have seen first-hand how an applicant can seem to be the perfect fit for the scholarship award, only to realize that one key piece of required material was missing from the submitted paperwork (letter of recommendation, school transcripts, etc…) and because of this omission, the student is automatically disqualified.

Don’t let that happen to you or your student! Take to heart the importance of following all directions for each and every scholarship that is applied for. This may seem like a very small college scholarship tip, but it can make a HUGE difference in the amount of money won for school.

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College Scholarship Tip: Directions, Directions, Directions!

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