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College Scholarship Tip: Don’t Trust Published Deadlines

This is a super easy college scholarship tip that ALL students need!

College Scholarship Application Deadlines

This tip is especially important for those of you who are just starting out in the college scholarship process. 

When checking out a scholarship and noting the details, you need to know that the deadline in the guidelines may not even be the TRUE or CURRENT deadline.

Some organizations only accept a certain number of applicants and stop accepting more once that number is reached, even if the deadline has not yet passed.

Think of all that hard work thrown out before even being seen by the judges!

Other organizations publish a deadline and have every right to decide on their winner at any time, even weeks or months before the applications are “officially” due. In addition, the scholarship book entry or online site that the scholarship was found in may be outdated and have the wrong deadline published.

The changing of scholarship due dates may not seem fair, but instead of getting angry, make it a policy to submit scholarship applications WELL before the published deadlines and double-check all deadlines before adding the scholarships to your list.

Don’t wait, and don’t lose out before even getting a chance to impress the judges with your scholarship applications!

College Scholarship Tip: Don't Trust Published Deadlines. Find more scholarship tips from Monica Matthews at https://how2winscholarships.com

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College Scholarship Tip - Check Deadlines

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