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College Scholarship Tip:

Earn Points for College Cash

Wondering about contests such as ScholarshipPoints? Can students actually win college cash with these points-earning scholarship programs? (Post updated October 2019)

Earn points to win college cash scholarships!

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Many scholarship searchers are curious about “no essay scholarships” that are more like contests than true scholarship applications. These scholarships have students earn points for visiting certain online sites, completing surveys, and/or filling out other scholarship applications.

What attracts students to scholarship contests is the fact that for seemingly little work, they can win thousands of dollars for college:  COLLEGE CASH!

Are these types of scholarships even worth your time? Aren’t they nothing more than random scholarship drawings?

While I would not advise students to commit 100% of their time to trying to win these types of scholarships, I do think that spending a few minutes a day earning points does not hurt.

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Many of the winners of these scholarships share that they only entered points a few times and were shocked to be selected as winners.

Since winners are randomly selected, students with a few points could possibly win scholarship money without spending hours trying to earn as many points as possible. One such site is ScholarshipPoints by Edvisors. 

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ScholarshipPoints encourages students to click on the websites of their sponsors and fill-out surveys or do certain tasks to earn various amounts of points. 

These points can then be used to enter monthly $1000 scholarship drawings and bigger drawings of $10,000 several times a year.

Here is what most people don’t realize:  Students can earn “Free” (no survey required) points each week by copying the codes that Edvisors share on Twitter and Facebook (100 points each). They can also get 5 free points per day just for logging in.

What I love about this is that parents can easily grab these free points for their students!  

*UPDATE:  One of my own sons won a $1000 scholarship from ScholarshipPoints! Are they legit? ABSOLUTELY!*

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One important task that students and parents need to do before filling out online surveys or signing up for sites like ScholarshipPoints, is to create an email address used exclusively for this type of scholarship.

Unfortunately, lots of spam emails will be sent as a result of signing up, so be prepared and make it easier to delete unwanted emails by having a separate inbox.

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While I do think that spending a few minutes a day earning points to win cash for college is OK, it should never be a student’s sole method of trying to win scholarship money. 

There are thousands of scholarships available that are based on GPA, community service/volunteering/leadership, ACT/SAT scores, club membership, talents and more.

Spending hours trying to earn points and filling out surveys isn’t true scholarship applying and that time is much better used to apply in the traditional way.

Bottom Line:  Earning points to win scholarships is an additional way for students and their parents to do all they can to try and win as much money as possible for college, but should never be the ONLY way. Be sure to read my other scholarship tips to learn how to apply for more scholarships in the least amount of time possible.

So how do you sign-up to earn scholarship points? Right here:

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