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College Scholarship Tip:  Answer the Question!

This college scholarship tip is SO EASY, yet many students do not take the time to follow it and their essays suffer as a result.

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Little tips like this one can pay off BIG time when it comes to winning more money for college!

When writing scholarship essays, always make sure the question asked is fully answered. This may seem like a simple college scholarship tip, but it is one that is all too often ignored by many scholarship-seeking students.

As the essay is being written, students can keep referring back to the original question and make sure they are not getting off the subject.

After the essay is finished, they can read it to a trusted adult and see if the adult can figure out the question just by listening to the answer being read.

If there are fuzzy areas, there is still time to do some re-writing for clarification.

College scholarship essays are the heart of the application, so taking extra care with each one can make the difference between a winning app and a losing one.

Here is one more way to make sure the scholarship essay is completely answered:

Students can give their essay to a trusted adult to read, but do not tell them the question or prompt. After the reader is finished, asked him or her what they think the question was. If the answer matches the scholarship essay prompt, the student knows for sure they have answered the question. Also, while the trusted adult is reading the essay, the student needs to look for any emotional responses. A lack of responses will tell them that their essay needs more creative and interesting content.

Scholarship judges have hundreds, and possibly thousands, of essays to read. A great essay is KEY!

I go into great detail about how students can write stand-out scholarship essays in my ebook, How to Win College Scholarships. Download your copy right here.

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College Scholarship Tip


How to write a great scholarship essay - Answer the question fully

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