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College Scholarship Tip Friday: Double-Check Deadlines

This easy college scholarship tip will save students a TON of time!

This college scholarship tips will save students a TON of time!

In all my years of college scholarship searching and research, I have noticed something interesting about published deadlines.

In both scholarship search websites and big scholarship listing books (like this one), the deadline that is published is not always the current deadline.

If the organization that offers the scholarship money did not contact the scholarship listing source, it seems the previous year’s deadline is assumed to be the same for the new year.

What this means for scholarship searchers is to go an extra step when making a list of scholarships to apply for and make a quick visit to the website of the scholarship provider to verify the deadline for the current year. If there is no website, call the organization and ask.

Make sure it is the student who makes the call and have him or her ask to speak to whoever is in charge of the scholarship program. They should be extra polite and share their full name and reason for the call.

There is a possibility they will be talking to one of the scholarship judges, so a good impression is critical and SMART.

Always double-check deadlines and don’t assume they will stay the same every year or valuable college scholarship money may be missed and time wasted on late applications!

College Scholarship Deadlines

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College Scholarship Tip - Double Check Deadlines

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