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College Scholarship Tip: Heed Essay Word Count!

Use this college scholarship tip to write a stonger essay!

Use this college scholarship tip to write a stronger essay and impress the judges!

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College scholarship applications that come with essay requirements usually have word limits.

These word limits (500 words, 1000 words, etc…) are in place for a number of reasons.

They keep students from rambling on and on, they save time in the judging process, and they show if a student is following directions by sticking to the required number of words.

Students who follow word count directions are looked upon more favorably than those who ignore the scholarship guidelines or decide to squeeze in just a few more words.

Scholarship judges need to eliminate the applicants that will not be winners in order to narrow down their choices and ultimately pick the scholarship recipient.

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Don’t give the scholarship judges an easy reason to disqualify your application and always follow scholarship word count requirements!

Another college scholarship tip when it comes to the essay is being aware of the difference between word count and character count like I share in this one minute video right here.

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Use this college scholarship tip to make sure all essay guidelines are followed and to impress the judges!
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