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College Scholarship Tip Friday: Name Drop!

College scholarship Tip: The judges have hundreds, and possibly thousands, of essays to read when choosing their scholarship winners. The little details that get their attention can make a BIG difference in how they feel about each student.

[2022 Edition]

College Scholarship Tip - Name Drop to Impress the Judges

When writing a scholarship essay, somewhere in the essay students should mention the name of the university that he or she hopes to attend.

If the student is unsure or not yet admitted, they can pick their first choice university and discuss how the scholarship money will help them pay for the college of their dreams.

Compare student loan rates in seconds and borrow wisely for college.Scholarship judges appreciate when students share personal information, as it helps them get to know the student on a deeper level and gives them more reasons to pick the student to receive their scholarship money.

In addition, students should include the name of the scholarship they are applying for, as this shows attention to detail and focus on that particular scholarship award.

Everyone likes it when their names are remembered and used and scholarship judges are just regular people representing a company or organization that they are proud of.

Name drop, impress them, and increase your chances of winning more college scholarship money!

On the flip side, students who carelessly write their scholarship essays and do not double-check to make sure the RIGHT name of the university and/or scholarship is used will NOT impress anyone.

Proofread, Proofread, Proofread, and use these tips to submit killer scholarship applications.

Scholarship judges appreciate when students share personal information, as it helps them to get to know the student on a deeper level. #college #scholarships Click To Tweet

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College Scholarship Tip - Name drop to impress the judges!

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