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College Scholarship Tip Friday: Pass the 30 Second Test

Use this college scholarship tip to impress the judges and win more money for school!

This easy college scholarship tip will easily increase a student's chance of winning money for school!

Did you know that the first 30 seconds that the scholarship judges look at a student’s application are the most important?

Before picking a winner, scholarship judges need to eliminate the applications that are obviously not in the running for the scholarship money.

What they are looking for is complete application answers (no missing information or blank boxes), required materials included in the correct order, and a generally neat and orderly feel to the application.

Pass the 30 second college scholarship test, more tips from Monica Matthews at https://how2winscholarships.comIf an application passes the first 30-second test, it is placed into the possible winners’ pile.

Taking extra care to ensure complete applications are submitted can be an easy way for students to propel their scholarship applications into the pile that represents the money.

For applications that are submitted online, there should be no missing information (blank spaces) and documents that are uploaded can include personal touches such as a student website link and activity resume.

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Isn’t that what college scholarship applying is all about?

“Using tips from How to Win College Scholarships: A Guide for Parents in 10 Easy Steps, my high school senior secured scholarships to cover tuition, books, and fees her first year in college. How exciting! No extra outlay of money for either she or I…her very important freshman year in college…allows her to focus completely on her studies. Staying organized listed as step #1 in the guide was essential. Completing all the lines and thinking of the presentation as if she were acing a job interview helped immensely. Thank you, Monica, for putting together this thorough, inspirational, and amusing guide. It’s a masterpiece and it truly works! If we can do it, so can you!!!” T.R., Louisville, KY 

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College Scholarship Tip - Pass the 30 Second Test

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Use this college scholarship tip to impress the judges in 30 seconds or less!

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