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College Scholarship Tip: Print and Review, Times 2

This college scholarship tip is easy and very effective in instantly improving applications!

[2022 Edition]

College Scholarship Tip

Staring at a computer screen for too long and re-reading familiar words over and over may seem like a good way to catch grammar and spelling errors on college scholarship applications, but our minds like to play funny tricks on us and this method is not a good one.

The best way to catch mistakes is to print out each section of the application and let at least two other pairs of eyes proofread and look for mistakes.

Another trick is to start at the end and read the applications and essays backward and out loud.

The first 30 seconds that a scholarship judge scans each application are critical and mistakes that are obvious to the judge might not be caught by the tired student who has read their work one too many times.

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It pays to be diligent about grammar and spelling in college scholarship applying and asking others for help is always the smartest thing to do!

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College Scholarship Tip - Submit a Mistake-Free Application

College Scholarship Tip Friday Print and Review, Times 2!

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