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College Scholarship Tip:  Use All Available Space!

This college scholarship tip will allow students to share information that the judges NEED to know.

College Scholarship Tip - Use All Available Space

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This week’s college scholarship tip encourages students to use all available space on college scholarship applications:

On many scholarship applications, there is a place to explain “extenuating circumstances” or to share “anything else you’d like us to know about you.”  

Always take the time to fill in these boxes! 

This is one more chance for the judges to get to know you and understand why the scholarship money is so important to you. 

Tell the truth and resist the urge to write a sob story. 

If you are trying to win scholarship money, there has to be a real reason why you cannot afford to pay for college on your own, so don’t be afraid to share it!

Think about it, would you be applying for scholarships if you didn’t need help paying for college?

No! All three of my boys used this space to share something about themselves that was not revealed in their scholarship resumes, applications, or essays.

Here are a few ideas to use when figuring out what to add:

Does your family have multiple students in college at the same time?

Is there an elderly relative living with your family?

Are you working a part-time job to help your family with expenses and/or to help pay for college?

Has there been a change of income due to job loss or a change for either of your parents?

Does one of your siblings (or parents) have special needs that make it impossible for one of your parents to work outside of the home?

Share the numbers: My college costs X amount and I have X amount saved. I am doing everything in my power (mention a part-time job) to apply for scholarships to help my family pay for my college expenses.

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Are there high medical bills from an illness in your family that make it impossible for your parents to help you pay for college?

These are just a few ideas, but my main point here is to never leave these spaces on scholarship applications blank.

Give the judges a more complete picture of your life and needs.

This is one more strategy that helped my own boys and thousands of families win college scholarships.

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