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College Scholarship Tip: High School Seniors and Parents, DON’T WAIT!

This college scholarship tip is for you if you are a high school senior or the parent of one. Don’t wait until spring to apply for scholarships, and THIS is why!

Don't wait to apply for scholarships!

I’ll never forget the first week of my oldest son’s senior year of high school. He brought home forms for ordering graduation announcements, senior picture submission details, and a list of important dates, most having to do with graduation. 

College Scholarship Advice for High School SeniorsWhat was missing were instructions on how to find and apply for college scholarships. (The scholarship list was something that was later handed out in the spring.)

New high school seniors and their parents need to realize that NOW is the time to find and apply for college scholarships. 

There are many scholarships with early deadlines, and waiting until the spring will mean many missed opportunities for students to win money for school. 

Even if it means doing your own research into how to find and apply for scholarships, DO IT. Don’t let graduation details and college visits overwhelm you to the point of letting scholarship opportunities slip by!

I am often asked why and how I got into the field of helping parents and students in the college scholarship process.

I am a former teacher turned stay-at-home mom and did not see this career move coming at all. Well, in a nutshell, after my son won over $100,000 in college scholarships, something a friend said stuck with me, and I just couldn’t let it go:

“You need to write down exactly what you did to help your son win so many scholarships. We are so confused and have no idea how to start or what to do to help our kids win scholarships.”

That’s it. I started writing and kept writing. After that, I wrote some more. The results? The How to Win College Scholarships ebooks were born!

Why do I keep writing, sharing, and encouraging students and their parents to apply for scholarships? 


“You know…I haven’t even read much of your ebook yet, but you have already helped me so much with just a couple of emails.  I am very busy…full time job and 3 kids! Always pretty stressed! And especially now with all the college preparation I was really starting to stress, but you have helped me a lot…to settle down, to put things in perspective and to not give up. I hope God blesses you in this business endeavor–because you are truly doing a good thing for others!”  P.H., Texas Parent


Do your own research, or save a ton of time and read mine, it’s your choice.

Whatever you do, know that college scholarship money IS out there, and YOU can learn how to win it for yourself or your student, and I would love to help you. Monica Matthews

Parents, for more help and support, join my Scholarship Help and College Talk for Parents Facebook group found here.

Let’s do this together!

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College Scholarship Tip - High School Seniors and Parents, DON'T WAIT!
College Scholarship Tip: High School Seniors and Parents, DON'T WAIT! Click To Tweet

College Scholarship Advice for High School Seniors and their Parents


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