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College Scholarship Tip:  Take Off Your Mask and Be Yourself

Use this college scholarship tip to show the judges who you REALLY are!

Use this college scholarship tip to show the judges your true self!

Students, when you are filling out scholarship applications and writing essays, don’t be tempted to wear a mask and make yourself out to be someone that you are not. 

Scholarship judges can easily see when students are creating what they think to be the perfect scholarship applicant.

Keep in mind though that references are often required to share their contact information and can easily be called to verify student claims.

Also, some organizations offering scholarship money require an interview to make the final award decision.

If you have embellished the truth or shared untrue information in your application, you will be scrambling to remember exactly what you claimed when asked directly for more details.

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College scholarship judge, Christina Schanda shares: College Scholarship Tip - Do NOT Wear a Mask! #college #scholarships #ScholarshipMom #ScholarshipTips

“It should go without saying that you should always be truthful on your applications. Local scholarships often have review committees made up of people that may know you or your family or friends.

This makes it easy to check information to confirm your honesty. Filling out scholarship applications is a similar process to filling out job applications, facts and information provided can be checked. 

You should never misrepresent yourself.”

Take to heart this college scholarship tip and save the mask, costume, and super-hero cape for Halloween.

When applying for college scholarships, always be honest, open, and 100% YOU.

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