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College Scholarships for Average Students

How are scholarships for average students found and won?

Keep reading, because there are wonderful resources out there for “C” students.

College Scholarships for Average Students

Hey all! Everyone assumes that college scholarships are automatically awarded to the smartest students with the highest GPA’s, but I’m here to tell you that there is hope for average students!

Average students may have mediocre grade point averages, but they shine in other areas of their lives, and learning how to highlight their strengths is KEY to winning money for college.

Students that have average grades also need to focus on their leadership experiences and skills.

This book by Felecia Hatcher is a valuable resource in helping average students pinpoint and promote their leadership skills and I highly recommend it!

Those looking for scholarships for average students need to also find awards with no G.P.A. requirement.

They can take an inventory of their skills and do a Google search based on their talents, such as:

  • “Scholarships for photography students 2024 2025”
  • “Dance scholarships 2024 2025”
  • “Scholarships for future engineers 2024 2025”

Adding the current and upcoming years helps cut down on the old and outdated scholarship information that may be found.

Read another quick and easy scholarship search tip in this post.

Pick up your copy of The “C” Student’s Guide to Scholarships right here.

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How about SAT and/or ACT scores?

Students with average grade point averages don’t always have low SAT or ACT scores.

Investing in high-quality test prep and raising their scores as high as possible is another scholarship-winning strategy.

Of course, I truly believe that it’s not only IF you apply, but HOW you apply for scholarships that divide the scholarship winners from losers.

Students need to learn how to apply SMART. This is what I teach in my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks for parents and their students.

Check out these testimonials from parents and students who have used my ebooks and know that my SMART strategies work.

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This parent says it best,

“Hi Monica, I wanted to give you an update. My college sophomore just won another scholarship from our community foundation.

It was one that is for college students only so I had to make a note for when she was eligible (your recommendation). She has been able to get by on what we had saved for her, scholarships, and govt loans. so far she has not had to tap into private loans.

What you teach really works and makes things much easier.”

Students with little to no leadership skills can create their own community service projects and quickly gain the skills they need to apply for service-based scholarships. Exactly how to do this is shared in my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks. Learn how to download your copies here

Scholarships For Average Students


College Scholarships for Average Students

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