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College Scholarships for Teachers – Education Scholarships

Scholarships for teachers can make a huge difference in students going into the education field. Check out these awards just for future teachers and education students!

[2021 Edition]

College Scholarships for Teachers - Education Scholarships

As a former teacher myself, I have a huge amount of respect and love for teachers and those in the field of education.

If you or your student are planning on becoming a teacher or studying education, here are several scholarships for teachers.

Click on the title of each scholarship. That will take you to the website of each organization and you can quickly see if you or your student qualifies to apply for the award.

Use the Scholarship Toolkit Organizer to save vital information about each scholarship as you read the guidelines and requirements and don’t apply for any scholarship until you have learned to apply SMART.

What is applying SMART? Read this.

Save this page, as I am adding new Scholarships for Teachers as I find them. Scholarship

Amount: $1000

Deadline:  June 1 

Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program

Amount:  Full Tuition

Deadline: Varies by state

Teachers Make Teachers Scholarship

Amount:  $1000

Deadline:  April 30

Teacher Appreciation Quotes - Scholarships for Teachers

Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers

Amount:  $2000

Deadline:  December 1

Educators Rising Scholarships

Amount:  $500 to $5000 (some awards are renewable)

Deadline:  April 5

Scholarships for Teachers - 10 Fantastic Teaching ScholarshipsJack Kinnaman Scholarship

Amount:  $2500

Deadline:  April 15

JAM Paper Teacher Scholarship

NOTE:  I have sent an email to see if this scholarship is offered in 2021 and am waiting for a response.

Amount:  $500

Deadline:  July 13

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Nancy Larson Foundation Scholarship

Amount:  $1000

Deadline:  November 15

Teacher Assistance for College and Higher Education Grants (TEACH)

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Amount:  $4000

Deadline:  Varies

SILA Foundation Scholarship

Amount:  $2500

Deadline:  May 31

Inspire Our Future Scholarship

Amount:  $2500

Deadline:  April 1

SPEDxchange Special Education Teacher Scholarship

Amount:  $1000

Deadline:  October 16

Special Education:  The Alhambra Scholarship Award

Amount:  $500

Deadline:  March 1

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Applegate-Jackson-Parks Future Teacher Scholarship

Amount:  $1000

Deadline:  January 31

National CPR Foundation Healthcare and Education Scholarship Program

Amount:  $500

Deadline:  Awarded Monthly

Which of these teaching scholarships will you or your student apply for?

Do you know of other scholarships for teaching? Please add them in the comments section below!

If a deadline has passed, make note of the website and deadline and add it to your scholarship list for next year. If you have any scholarship questions, feel free to email me anytime at or message me on Facebook. ~ Monica Matthews

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“Teachers affect eternity; none can tell where their influence stops.” ~ Henry Brook Adams

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