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College Scholarships With May Deadlines

Here are several college scholarships with May deadlines to add to your list!

College scholarships with May deadlines

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Spring is a busy time for students and I’m not even referring to prom, approaching graduation activities, final exams, college acceptance excitement and everything else that goes with being a senior in high school!  Even if you or your student are not a senior, spring seems to be more packed with activities than other times of year and that includes college scholarship deadlines. 

There are college scholarships available for students all year round, but it is true that a large majority of them have spring deadlines. To help you on your quest to find and win scholarships in the middle of this busy season, I have compiled a list of scholarships with May deadlines. 

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Remember to read the guidelines carefully and makes sure all qualifications are met before applying for these college scholarships with May deadlines:

Have you or your student applied for any of these college scholarships with May deadlines? Are you planning on applying? Do you know of any other scholarships with May or late spring deadlines? Please share in the comments section below and be sure to get your copy of my 10 Best College Scholarship Tips by clicking here.

College Scholarships With May Deadlines

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