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Comcast Leaders and Achievers College Scholarship

There are thousands of college scholarship dollars available to current high school seniors from the Comcast Foundation with the Comcast Leaders and Achievers College Scholarship program.

$10,000 scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA

The beauty of this scholarship opportunity is that students are nominated by their high school principal or school counselor.   (Meaning:  NO essay, NO application, and basically NOT a lot of work)  The qualifications are:

  • Minimum 2.8 GPA
  • High school senior who attends school in a Comcast community
  • Student demonstrates leadership in school and/or community
  • Student has volunteered and shows commitment to his or her community

The Leaders and Achievers Scholarship award is $1000, but winners may also be eligible for higher awards drawn from local winners, these are the Gustave G. Amsterdam Leadership Award and the Comcast Founders Scholarship.  The scholarship deadline is December 1.

Winning Tips:  Students need to put together a detailed scholarship resume (click here), a letter of intent (which shows their desire to win college scholarship money and information about what other scholarships they have applied for), and the Comcast website url and hand all this information to their high school principal or guidance counselor.  Students need to take the initiative and ASK to be nominated for this scholarship.  Personally meeting with the person eligible to nominate students for the Comcast scholarship and proving to them a genuine desire to win scholarships along with tangible ammunition (Scholarship resume, Letter of intent, Website info) will increase the chance of nomination and give the nominator more personal insight into the student and reasons why they should be nominated.

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Go here for the scholarship details and requirements:


Comcast Leaders and Achievers College Scholarship

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We are SO excited!  We used the ideas in your scholarship guide and THEY WORK!  At a dinner we had to attend to pick up one scholarship check, one of the judges told me that it was the way my son’s scholarship application was put together and presented that made it stand out and get chosen among the many that they had narrowed the stack down to.  Thank you so much for sharing your ideas!



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$10,000 scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA