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Didn’t Win the Scholarship? Don’t Get Mad, Get Better!

If you didn’t win a certain scholarship, take action, and use these winning tips.

Take action if you do not win a scholarship for college

For those of you who got a jump on college scholarships and began applying early in the school year, you may have already heard back and know whether or not you were selected as a winner. 

WOOHOO to the WINNERS! You are ahead of the game, but don’t lose momentum now. There are TONS of scholarships still out there with deadlines in the next few months, especially local scholarships. 

Keep up the good work!

If you have gotten “Thank you for applying, but you were not selected…” form letters and emails, or announcement deadlines have passed letting you know that you did not win, there is work to be done

First, if you are using the same essay for several scholarship applications, take another look at that essay

Proofread it again, have someone else (different from who read it before) read it, and make sure you are targeting the essay towards the company or organization offering the award money. 

Answer the following questions about your essay:

  • Did I stay within the required word count?
  • Did I focus my essay on the question asked and not skip any part of it?
  • Did I personalize my essay and insert the name of the scholarship provider correctly?
  • Did I start with a hook to draw in the reader?
  • Did my essay tell a story, allowing the judges to get to know me on a deeper level?
  • Did I have a teacher or other trusted adult give me their honest opinion and suggestions?

Be sure to read:  How to Write An Amazing College Scholarship Essay

Use the easy but extremely effective trick in this video to find out if your essay is engaging and memorable OR NOT:

Re-evaluating your essay and taking the time to re-write some of it just may be what your essay needs to turn the heads of the judges for the next scholarship applications that you submit. Sometimes, however, you just may not be the kind of student they are looking for. Don’t give up!

Keep searching, applying, and believing!

Make sure the SMART applying strategies found in the How to Win College Scholarships ebooks are being used for every single scholarship application and essay that is submitted.

Does this really work? YES!

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“I don’t have words to express how grateful we are for discovering your e-book a few months ago and learning how to apply SMART. We sincerely thank you for creating and sharing with others a user-friendly guide on how to successfully apply for scholarships (for both parents and students). Your guidance and support are much appreciated.” M.S., Virginia (Scholarship Help and College Talk for Parents Facebook group member)


You CAN do this!

get better at college scholarships


This is why college scholarships are not won

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