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The College Prep Process CAN be Scary

The college prep process does not need to be scary!

October is a scary time of year for many reasons. If you are, or have, a college-bound student, you probably know what I’m talking about and have lots of questions such as:

  • Where do I start the college application process?
  • How do I pick a college?
  • When do I apply for college?
  • How much will college cost?
  • How will I pay for college?

College Prep Expert, Wendy David-Gaines, eases anxiety and scary unknowns in her article, “College Prep Can Trick or Treat”

No matter where you are in the college prep process, it truly does help to get advice from experts like Wendy that have been through the process themselves. 

Don’t be scared to read the entire article. It will be a treat, I promise!


The college-bound and their parents may enjoy a good scare from a Halloween movie, but the anxiety from college prep stress can be hair-raisingly frightening on a whole other level. Students may be tempted to let off some steam but need to make smart choices on the method they choose. Poor decisions can affect college dreams.

The source of the college prep scare comes from an instinctual fear of the unknown and the college process is overflowing with these. Which school, where is it located, how much will it cost are basic questions that spook the status quo of family life. Many students will be changing jobs (from high school to college student), relocating, and living amongst strangers. More blood curdling is the effect this has on those left behind: parents, siblings, and pets.

Plus, there are no guarantees in the college process. In fact, even after a student accepts an offer of admission, that offer could be rescinded depending on certain circumstances before college starts like poor senior year grades and bad behavior, according to a NACAC survey. A last-minute college rejection can be chilling.

Many find their comfort zones via routines but habits are hard to form when life is in flux from a continually growing college prep to-do list. As students rush to study for college admission tests, write college essays and visit schools, burnout, senioritis, or acting out may occur. It doesn’t take Halloween to bring out a monstrous reaction to the pressure.

Use the parent-student team to know the signs of stress and take action to reduce it. Symptoms include difficulty concentrating, trouble sleeping, forgetfulness, and changes in behavior. Fun and laughter are great anxiety relievers and can help put things into perspective. Use a calendar for deadlines to develop time management skills and schedule both sleep and breaks. These are often missed unless planned.

Brainstorm a list of rewards when tasks are accomplished to celebrate. It’s better for the student to treat himself than have stress play a nasty trick, ruining college hopes. Preparation for college will pay off big time when the student is on his own at college and managing his own schedule.

Don't be scared of college prep

Thank you, Wendy!

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