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Parents and Their Students Can Find More College Scholarships by Creating a List and Asking the Right Questions

How to find more college scholarships is a common question in the quest to win money for school!Find More College Scholarships by Listing and Asking!

In order to help students find more college scholarships, it is very helpful to sit down with them and begin making lists of their interests, hobbies, strengths, community service experience, and possible career paths.

This allows them to see themselves from an outsider’s point of view and narrow down the scholarship search using their own specific traits and background.

For example:

If the compiled lists reveal that the student has had many leadership positions, they can do a Google search for “scholarships for leaders 2023 2024″.

(You can also find a scholarship list for student leaders and volunteers right here.)

Adding the current and next year helps cut down on being led to sites with outdated scholarship information and reduces the frustration of clicking to nowhere when searching for scholarships.

The lists should not be created in one day; rather, they should be added to over a period of weeks as students think about and remember what they like to do and what they have already accomplished.

Finding scholarships to apply for can be very time-consuming, but using this method will save time and allow parents and their students to find as many scholarships as possible.

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Another great way to find more college scholarships that a student qualifies for is by looking closely at the club memberships and affiliations of the family. Find more college scholarships using these tips!

Many churches offer scholarships to their members. If you are not aware of a scholarship offered by your place of worship, just ask! This happened to me with my own son. I asked our pastor if our church offered a scholarship, and he reached into his desk, pulled out an application, and handed it to me.

WOW! I had carefully read the church bulletin for months hoping such an award would be offered, but it was never mentioned there.

Clubs such as the Lions, Elks, and Masons also have scholarships for students. As I share in this post, some require membership to apply, and some don’t. It pays to ask before assuming that no scholarship is offered.

College is expensive and feels so out of reach for so many families. I know because I’ve been there.

Scholarships can be found and won if you take the time to learn how to apply using SMART strategies.

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This is exactly how I helped all three of my boys win so many scholarships, and my husband and I were able to avoid taking out any parent loans for their higher education. You can do this, and I can help. ♥

SMART scholarship tips like this (and so much more) are shared in my How to Win College Scholarships ebooks for parents and their students.

Take it from this parent:

“Your tips are incredible. After reading your ebook and applying your advice he applied to two local scholarships and one more AND we have won all three!! We will keep searching and applying for more.” D.G., Texas


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Find more college scholarships with these tips!

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