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Get Organized to Win More College Scholarships

Learn here how to get organized to win more college scholarships for yourself or your student!

Get organized to win more college scholarships! #ScholarshipMom #ScholarshipTips

Today I have a guest post from Shari Pfeifer. Shari is the creator of the f.i.n.s.2GO college organizer. You might not realize this yet, but high school flies by so fast and I can tell you from firsthand experience that it is HARD to remember all the important details when students are applying for college admission and scholarships.

Getting organized is so important and a KEY strategy for helping students get into their dream schools and win more college scholarships.

Welcome, Shari!

Your student has probably said this to you:  “Why do I need to be organized before I start applying to colleges?  What’s so important about that??”  Well, imagine this scenario.  Your high school senior is at the computer filling out an application to her first college of choice.  She turns to you and says, “Mom, what did I do in 9th grade?”  If you’re not organized, panic and anxiety set in.  Out the window goes the excitement and anticipation.  It doesn’t have to be that way though!

File it now system
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My college roommate has three children, all in college now, and I have one, also in college.  When her oldest was applying to college, she had this exact same scene unfold at her dining room table.  The only thing she could think to do was go grab the yearbooks and then hurriedly flip through each one to help her daughter find the information she needed.  She turned to her next oldest, who was in 10th grade, and said “Get a sheet of paper and write down everything you did in 9th grade and 10th so far!  We’re not going through this again!”

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She began compiling notes as she went through this process with all three of her children.  After her third began college, she and her husband decided she should try putting all that information together in some way to help other families.  She compiled her notes into suggestions and recommendations for each year of high school, breaking senior year down into six sections, because so much happens during senior year!   She placed all this information on manila file folders, added four college folders to keep track of information like due dates for applications, financial aid and housing forms, etc., and all of this goes into an expandable file folder that is portable.  

Students and their parents need to get organized to win more college scholarships!Get organized to win more college scholarships with the #ScholarshipMom!

Now your high school student is organized and ready when he or she sits down to start applying to colleges.  Out the window goes a great deal of stress and anxiety for the entire family!  In comes the possibility of more scholarship monies, because your student has known all along what he/she needed to do to present their best self on their college applications. Today, colleges want to know “who you are” or in other words “what’s your story”….. Now you can tell YOUR story!

To get your portable “file-it-now-system” simply known as f.i.n.s.2GO, find us on Amazon.com right here. 😊

2021 UPDATE:  If the File it Now System comes up as unavailable on Amazon and you would like one, please email me and I will put you in contact with Shari to have one directly mailed to your home. (info@how2winscholarships.com)

Thank you, Shari! Your system is beautiful and so important to families of college-bound students, especially those who need to win more college scholarships and make the most out of their college applications. Readers, do you have a system of organization for scholarships and college apps? Please share them in the comments section! ~ Monica Matthews

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College Scholarship Tip - Get Organized to Win More Scholarships! #ScholarshipMom #ScholarshipTips

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