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Giving the Gift of Wisdom to the College Bound

5 Free priceless gifts for the college-bound

Expert advice on parenting high school and college students

As the Grinch likes to remind us each year, the best gifts don’t come wrapped up in packages, boxes, and bags.

College-bound and current college students are faced with important decisions daily and having received the gift of wisdom from their parents is something that will help them with each one. In College Parenting Expert Wendy David-Gaines’ timely article, “5 Free priceless gifts for the college-bound”, parents learn about ways to give their students the tools they need in handling the stress and complications that come with college life.

Read the article and begin giving your students these priceless gifts that will stay with them for a lifetime:


The best gifts parents can give their college-bound don’t cost a cent, never go obsolete, and can be re-gifted to the next generation. It takes a dash of wisdom and a blitz of experience not to dance or prance around but to don the commitment to share the following straight from the heart, Cupid-style.

Life is full of choices and parents need their almost adult children to be good decision-makers from the start of the college process to achieve future success. Parents can model the gift of weighing options based on pros and cons on a list or spreadsheet.

Bad things are more likely to happen during stressful situations like from time or peer pressure. Parents can introduce students to activities designed to slow things down and put issues into perspective like yoga, regular breaks, and fun with family and friends.

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses but they hugely impact college and job applications.

Parents can help students prepare by finding resources that will beef up strengths and fortify shortcomings.

Communication fails without respect for another’s point of view. Using the parent-student team to address issues shows the benefits of regular idea exchanges, support, and having each other’s back now and in the years to come.

Making the most of opportunities is easier said than done but is critical to maximize the value of higher education. Following through on intentions and promises goes to the core of integrity and character. These qualities can be nurtured and rewarded by parents as their children mature.

Parents receive an awesome benefit when their children become independent, good decision-makers. They get to watch their children graduate on time, start their careers, and begin their own self-supporting lifestyle. Having established the habit of parent-student regular communication, family contact continues as routine. When children have their own children, they can re-gift these five free priceless presents.

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Giving the gift of wisdom to the college bound

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