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How Average Students Can Find College Scholarships

Can “C” students find college scholarships and win money for school? Absolutely! Keep reading…

[2022 Edition]

How Average Students Can Find College Scholarships #college #scholarships #ScholarshipMom

Many parents worry that their students who do not have a high grade point average will not be able to win any scholarship money for college.

They wonder where and how to find college scholarships for average students.

The good news is, there ARE ways that students with less than stellar grades can find and win scholarships.

I’d like to welcome Felecia Hatcher as a guest to my blog. Felecia is the author of The “C” Student’s Guide to Scholarships: A Creative Guide to Finding Scholarships When Your Grades Suck and Your Parents are Broke!.

I purchased this book several years ago and truly appreciate the tips Felecia shares to help students find and cash in on their strengths.

Take it away, Felecia! (This information was originally published as a series of four posts. I have combined the series to make it easier for students and parents to access Felecia’s tips in one location.)

So, you want to go to college but your high school GPA is less than stellar and your parents are broke. You are probably asking yourself, “How in the world am I going to get money for college?” You are in luck, because the answer is simple, and doesn’t require becoming a brainiac or a star athlete to win the money you need. You just need to know where to look to find college scholarships that you are eligible for!

The very first place average students can find college scholarships is at their school.

This is the best source for learning about local scholarships that you are eligible for. You can look through the scholarship folders in your high school’s counseling office to find scholarships for college. It’s also wise to ask your counselor and/or your favorite teachers if they’ve heard of any scholarship competitions that seem right for you. You can also check with your high school counselor to see what scholarships are available to prospective students.

No matter what you’ve been told about needing a 4.0 to win scholarships, you hopefully know by now that that is simply not true. There is nothing wrong with being an “average” student! It just means that you might need to work a little bit harder to find scholarship dollars.

College scholarships are everywhere!After checking with your school (regularly), you should take your search to cyberspace. In today’s world of technology and instant information, you can find college scholarships galore just by typing a few words into Google’s search engine.

Be sure you look for more scholarships outside the big scholarship databases by typing in the word “scholarship” along with your city, your country, your state, your dream college, etc. This will allow you to find less well-known opportunities in addition to the big awards the databases told you about.

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Are you still thinking you need a 4.0 to apply for scholarships? Think again! By now you should know that regardless of your grades, you can still apply for college scholarships.

Being a C student just means you need to work harder to find those scholarship dollars. 

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After that, if you’re the old-fashioned type, you can move on to your local library or bookstore to check the scholarship “yellow pages.” At these locations, you will be able to find massive volumes like this one that contains a vast array of available scholarships.

These compilations are published annually and contain details about eligibility and how to obtain further information. The downside to these books is that they only serve as an initial step. They can’t provide you with an actual application. They can help you find college scholarships, however, they may not be listed in online databases.

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Use this tip so family and friends can help average students find college scholarships!

After this, you should tap into your personal “scholarship network.” Don’t be shy about telling everyone you know that you are searching for scholarships.

Ask your friends, family, co-workers, employers, etc. to keep a lookout for scholarships on your behalf. You never know what valuable scholarship information you can find out from those closest to you.

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Thank you so much, Felecia! In Felecia’s book, you will find amazing examples of how average students can write stronger essays, learn how to write with a specific goal in mind when filling out applications, marketing tips to impress the judges, and much more. How to find college scholarships is only part of the process:

“If your grades aren’t your strongest asset, then you’ll have to find other ways to market yourself to scholarship committees. There are many scholarships out there that don’t require or even expect applicants to have a stellar academic record.” – Felecia Hatcher
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Felecia’s book is available on Amazon here:


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How Average Students Can Find College Scholarships

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