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How Students Can Volunteer Their Way Into College Scholarship Money

College scholarship judges appreciate and reward students who have made a difference. This can result in more college scholarship money for students who are active in their communities!

How Volunteering Can Help Students Win More College Scholarship Money

Students, how many hours of volunteer service have you worked in the last four years?

Do you have ANY idea?

This all too common question found on college scholarship applications can scare off even the most talented and successful high school student. 

(Keeping track of volunteer hours is important! Use the ScholarPrep Organizer and it’s a BREEZE!)

Community service volunteers give their time, talents, and treasures to the causes closest to their hearts. 

Volunteering is a wonderful way for students to give back to their communities, learn about service by helping others, and at the same time, add valuable hours and experiences they can use for scholarships and college applications. They are doing good AND helping themselves win money for school. This is how more college scholarship money is won!

Most high school students are busy with academics, sports, jobs, and the ever-important social life inside and outside of school.

Going into senior year and realizing how important community service is to scholarship judges and committees, students may panic and avoid applications that ask for the total number of hours volunteered. 

What students may not realize, however, is they may have been involved in organizations all through high school that they can use as community service hours.

Here are a few popular ones:

  • Coaching a sports team
  • Vacation Bible School at church
  • Tutoring
  • Sports Mentoring (Older athletes are paired up with younger ones)
  • Church or community dinners, festivals, and parades
  • Scouting (Helping another den/troop, visiting nursing homes, etc.)
  • Camp Counseling
  • Hospital work

Don’t worry, though; if a student has not done a lot of community service, it’s never too late to start. Making a difference in someone else’s life, while at the same time collecting volunteer hours, creates a well-rounded student. The National Honor Society and many high schools have mandatory service hour requirements. Any of these unpaid volunteer opportunities count on college scholarship applications.

A great way to impress scholarship judges is to “create,” “found,” or “establish” a community service project. 

Students can match their interests with a need in their community and be the first ones to do something about fulfilling this need. (I go into great detail about how students can create their own community service projects in my college scholarship guide ebooks.)

Newspapers love to showcase teens who have taken the initiative and created such a project!

Parents, give them a call, describe what the student has done, and the odds are great that they will offer to write an article about the student’s project. 

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People love to read about teens who are making a difference and the article in the paper will be yet another way to impress those scholarship judges.

Volunteers can win more college scholarshipsThis article is dedicated to all those selfless volunteers who give so much of themselves while helping others in their communities. Thank you!

Do you have any other ideas for students who would like to volunteer their time and would like to win more college scholarship money?

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below, and remember:

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart ~ Elizabeth Andrew

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How students can volunteer their way into more college scholarship money

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