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Knowledge Matters Virtual Business College Scholarship

The Knowledge Matters Virtual Business College Scholarship is an opportunity for students to win $2000 for college.

Knowledge Matters Virtual Business College Scholarship - Find winning tips here!

The Virtual Business Scholarship from Knowledge Matters is a $2000 award that is somewhat different than traditional college scholarships.

This scholarship involves the student being nominated by a teacher. Here are the details:

  • Open to current U.S. high school juniors and seniors
  • Students must show excellence in marketing, business, or personal finance and successfully use technology in these subjects
  • $2,000 scholarship award
  • Deadline:  April 27 (double-check, as this date has been changed in former years)
  • Online only application with information submitted from nominating teacher and student
  • There appears to be no financial need or minimum GPA required
  • 500-1000 word essay required

Winning Tips:  This is a fairly simple online scholarship application. Many students will not apply because of the nomination requirement. This means LESS competition for those that do apply. Savvy students need to put together a portfolio of their accomplishments in business, marketing, or personal finance and present it to a teacher in one of these areas and ask for a nomination

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The student portion of the application involves “describing how the use of technology has helped you, the student, to excel within business, marketing or personal finance.” The student should place heavy emphasis on the technology aspect when writing the essay portion.

Use the tips found here for submitting the best online scholarship application possible.

When writing the essay, students are encouraged to provide specific examples and focus on these points in which technology has:

  • helped you learn better than textbooks or lectures alone
  • stimulated your interest and enthusiasm
  • developed your communication skills in these areas
  • made you a better problem-solver
  • increased your confidence in your future educational and work prospects

The essay should be from 500 – 1000 words.

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Knowledge Matters Virtual Business College Scholarship - Find winning tips here!

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