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How LinkedIn’s new college ranking system can help students and their parents in the college-prep process.

How LinkedIn's new college ranking system can help students and their parents in the college-prep process.

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Choosing a university based on the many college ranking lists available is a popular way for many parents and their students to narrow down their higher education choices.

Unfortunately, the criteria used to determine the order of colleges on traditional ranking lists may not be based on the needs of today’s families. LinkedIn has just released a way to rank colleges that coincides more closely with what parents and students are looking for in a college. College Parenting Expert, Wendy David-Gaines, shares how LinkedIn’s new ranking system can help college-bound students and their parents in the college-prep process.

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LinkedIn is adding a juicy criteria to those wanting to create their own personal college ranking list. Their official blog called it, “ranking universities based on career outcomes,” on October 1. Parents and students can use the information in two major college prep ways.

There are several factors college ranking lists use to order their best picks but plenty don’t jive with many students’ wish lists. Because of the high cost of college and the strong possibility of assuming student debt, many college-bound and their parents are concerned about their financial status after graduation. “By analyzing employment patterns of over 300 million LinkedIn members from around the world, we figured out what the desirable jobs are within several professions and which graduates get those desirable jobs,” LinkedIn said.

The professions include accounting, design, finance, investment banking, marketing, media, software development, and software development at startups.

Clicking on a ranked school shows where alumni with this career works and lives. It also shows what they studied and are skilled at.

There are two most important college prep takeaways from reviewing these new rankings. The first is successful graduates come from a wide variety of colleges not just Ivy League schools. This info should motivate students to focus on schools that will help them reach their academic and extracurricular goals in a timely manner without regard to the brand name.

The second take-away is the networking opportunities. Students can create their own profile and resume and connect with others in a professional manner before college. This can help with refining the college list, communicating with current students/graduates, and learning more about career paths/lifestyles.

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Have you ever used a ranking list to help in the college process? Please share your experience in the comments section below!

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