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I received a call from my oldest son yesterday. He was SO excited! I was just excited to get a call from him! (Love him dearly, but he *could* call home a tad more often….)

Him:  “Guess what, Mom?”

Me:  “What?”

Him:  “I won ANOTHER scholarship and you’ll never guess how much it is for!”

Me:  <trying hard not to jump up and down and look like a crazy mother in the middle of son #2’s cross-country meet>  “HOW MUCH????”

Him:  “$7,000

Me:  “NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”   :D :D :D :D :D

Him:  “Yep, isn’t that awesome?”

Me:  “YES!!!!!!!!!!!!”

My son is a junior at the University of Michigan. We have not paid ONE PENNY towards his tuition, room & board, books or ANYTHING. 

He is STILL applying for and winning college scholarships. I am so very blessed and thankful for the work we BOTH have put into the scholarship process. 


You don’t need perfect grades or sports skills to win $ for school. Find scholarships based on what you love to do.

You don’t need perfect grades or sports skills to win $ for school. Find scholarships based on what you love to do. >CLICK HERE< #PlanForCollege

I hope this blog post encourages any parent and/or student out there who is wondering how they are going to pay for college. 

Scholarship money IS OUT THERE

My method of finding and applying for scholarships DOES WORK. My son is proof!

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College Scholarship Success

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