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It is so easy to search for college scholarships on the internet.  Type in a few words, click, and BAM, you have an extensive list of scholarships to choose from.  Finished searching, right?  WRONG!  Learn how this is a scholarship mistake that every high school student makes and why…

Since the explosion of the internet many years ago, high school students have excelled at using online sources to find college scholarships.  This may seem like an easy, wonderful way to find and apply for scholarships, but searching for scholarships this way is only a very small part of how to find and win college scholarships.  Students assume that they are finding all the scholarships out there by entering “scholarships” into a search engine and clicking on the links that appear.  It is a huge mistake for high school or college students to use only the internet to find scholarships!

$10,000 scholarship, no essay or minimum GPA

There are so many resources in addition to the internet out there for students to tap into when beginning their quest to find and WIN scholarships.  There are books that list thousands of scholarships and categorize them by the students’ interests, intended college major, race, club affiliation, and so much more.  Often times, these scholarship books have scholarship opportunities that are not found online!  These books come out with new versions each year, with information that is often times much more up to date than online websites.

How do I know this?  I went through the process of finding and applying for college scholarships with my own son.  We used the scholarship listing books (like this one) and he won over $100,000 in college scholarships!  We found scholarships that no scholarship searching website ever sent to his email address, even though he signed up for every single one of these “helping” websites. 

After my son had so much success and I began to tell people about the methods we came up with to apply for scholarships, I created How To Win College Scholarships, which can be found at HERE. Order your guide today and learn what you need to win college scholarships!

no scholarship searching mistakes


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