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Nursing Scholarships

Scholarships for future nurses can be found when searching strategically. If you are a nursing student, keep reading!

[2021 Edition]

Nursing Scholarships for College - Scholarships for Future Nurses

Nursing is a hot career right now and lots of students are looking for scholarships to help pay for school.

In my searching, I have found that the best source of nursing scholarships are found in your home state.

For example, The American Legion sponsors several scholarships for current and future nurses, but you must apply to your local chapter.

Just google “American legion nursing scholarship <insert your state here>” and you should find the scholarship information for your state. When I went to the American Legion site for my state, I found several scholarships and not just for future nurses. Yes!!

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Remember, any time you can narrow down a scholarship to your own state, that automatically means FEWER students are applying (only students in your state and not the whole country are trying to win that scholarship) and a GREATER chance of winning for you. 

Another good resource for finding scholarships for nursing is the HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) which can be found here:

HRSA Scholarships for Nursing also offers scholarships for nursing:

Nurse Recruiter Nursing Scholarships

Here is a fairly new nursing scholarship:

Zippia’s Nurse Dream Job Scholarship

Nitro $2000 EASY SCHOLARSHIP - Apply in less than 3 minutes!

This scholarship is open to students pursuing a medical degree:

The Prosper Shaked Scholarship for Future Medical Professionals

Prelicensure students enrolled at American Association of Colleges of Nursing schools can apply for this scholarship:

AACN Scholarship

There are several scholarships for future nurses here:

You don’t need perfect grades or sports skills to win $ for school. Find scholarships based on what you love to do.

You don’t need perfect grades or sports skills to win $ for school. Find scholarships based on what you love to do. >CLICK HERE< #PlanForCollege

DAR Nursing and Medical Scholarships

Here is an award open to high school seniors and current college students pursuing a degree in healthcare or science:

Amaze Yourself Scholarship

This scholarship is open to students pursuing a degree in a healthcare-related field: Leadership Scholarship

Still looking for scholarships open to future or current nurses?

Learn about the Nurse Journal College Scholarships here and find a great list of awards for future nurses here.

I would also recommend calling all your local hospitals and nursing homes and politely asking if they can steer you towards any local scholarships for aspiring nurses. Good luck!

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